Combient – European front runner in the global AI race

Combient’s unique collaborative approach to mastering digital transformation was recently featured on Financial Times. As Europe is missing gigantic AI pioneers, such as Google and Tencent, Combient leverages its Nordic advantages: co-creation and trust. Mats Agervi, Combient CEO, comments that “if we here in Nordics could combine our ability to collaborate with our innovation power and our global industry, we could have a winning recipe”.

Combient Foundry, Combient’s strategic initiative focusing on open innovation, is building a tech startup ecosystem around the Combient firms to benefit both large corporates and start-ups involved. Established companies can create value faster with the aid of start-up collaboration and start-ups get proof of concepts, valuable references and clients through Foundry’s open innovation initiatives. We at Combient Foundry are pioneering open innovation and developing best practices to work with the best start-up companies around the world to help Combient firms and start-ups to catch up their global competitors.

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