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Autoliv is the world's leading automotive safety supplier that sells airbags, seatbelts, and steering wheels to all major car manufacturers globally. When a traffic accident occurs, our products have a few milliseconds to prove themselves, protecting drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Autoliv has accounted for virtually all major technological breakthroughs within automotive safety for more than 65 years – and each year, our products save over 30,000 lives and prevent hundreds of thousands of severe injuries.

Through research and collaborations, we aim to improve the safety of vehicle passengers and vulnerable road users.

Innovation at Autoliv is about continuously improving design processes and transforming the way of conducting engineering to pursue excellence. We do this by studying global real-life accident data, human factors and biomechanics.

We seek to partner with the most innovative companies and build scalable solutions for the automotive safety market with increased speed in time-to-market.”

Mikael Bratt, CEO of Autoliv


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