Wins when entering tech scene as an industrial cohort

Likewise most of the corporate partners at Slush, we are looking for top startups to together address real-life business needs. However, this year we decided to try something previously unseen. Instead of participating in Slush as six companies individually, we team up as one cohort to together comprehensively represent Nordic industry. We believe that unique setup of companies’ network equals unique set of opportunities for startups. But it is not only Slush, collaboration is the base for everything we are doing.

Together our associated companies offers 150B euros of market opportunity. Through joint effort we are able to maximize our visibility towards entrepreneurs, thus investigate new technologies and potential partnerships more broadly and systematically. This setup let us also speed up the process of adaptation of new technologies in our network companies, for example we can leverage even on setting up joint business opportunities for startups to more comprehensively address whole value chain.

For startups, joint partnership with one of Combient’s company means a direct access to network of 27 Nordic industrial players. We continuously share the success stories with each other validating startup’s name towards the whole network. As a sneak peek, we will announce some proof stories of new partnerships early next year.

Working together makes our process more efficient. We aim high as we want become the best partner for startups to work with. As a tightly-knit network, we learn from each other’s experience, as well as take advantage from the feedback from multiplied amount of startups we are in touch with.

Coming to Slush? Pop by to meet us at our booth during Slush, located between two main stages Evergreen and Founder! Otherwise, send us a quick hello to with an introduction!


Featured image photo credits to Petri Anttila, Slush