Industrial Future Summit 2024

24 September, Stockholm, Sweden


Bridging industrial scale
with future builders and enablers



One of a kind summit, merging industrial expertise with global leading startup solutions

Join 300+ Industrial Executives and Experts

Stay ahead of industry shifts and speed up
development with elite startup talent and technology.

Join 200+ Top-tier Founders

Nail your product market fit and
scale with industrial partners.

Join 50+ Investors & Ecosystem Partners

Gain exclusive access to top industrial founders
and deep understanding on industrial needs.


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Marcus Wallenberg

Chairman of FAM, SEB, SAAB & Chairman of the board of Patricia Industries

Qasar Younis

CEO of Applied Intuition
Former Partner and COO of Y Combinator

Markus Rauramo

President & CEO of Fortum

Leading event for Industrial Emerging Tech

Founders and industry leaders

Invite-only Startups

Find your product market fit & your next partner to scale your industrial solution

We help you accomplish your goals through:

– Curated Matchmaking & meetings
– Gain exposure through pitching on stage
– Hear and learn from your future clients, deep- dive into real world industrial opportunities

For corporate leaders

Stay on top of the industry trends and solutions from industrial experts, peers and founders. Accelerate your organisations technology development with top-tier startups & scale-ups.

We help you accomplish your goals through

– Curated Matchmaking & meeting with top-tier industrial founders
– Meeting with industrial peers, experts and future builders
– Understand industrial trends and opportunities through keynotes, panels and workshops.

The melting pot of industrial innovation