Autonomous Fleet Vehicle Flow Optimization by Scania

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Thematic Overview

Scania is in the midst of the transformation from a classic vehicle manufacturer to a supplier of sustainable transport systems. We firmly believe that autonomous vehicles and intelligent management systems form the key cornerstones for future transport solutions. With the help of our well-advanced, cutting edge autonomous technology, advanced sensors and wireless connectivity we are continuously developing new solutions for transport operators all around the world. Together, we can help transport operators in optimizing and orchestrating the vehicle flow of entire autonomous fleets and remotely monitor autonomous vehicles. If you are working in the autonomous vehicle industry or are a professional in teleoperation or fleet network operations, let us hear about you!

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Case Description

To increase the value of an autonomous fleet on a site, we are exploring capabilities that make use of an aggregated view derived from connected fleet vehicle data. Our objective is to optimize transport flows in real-time and to learn how to improve these flows. Specifically, we are interested in operating at complex sites such as quarries (open pit mines), harbors, and industrial areas that often have a mix of open areas, complex road networks, and confined spaces – and where up to as many as 100 autonomous vehicles are in operation. Do you have a solution that could help us in optimizing the vehicle flow in complex environments at a vehicle level?

Autonomous Fleet Vehicle Flow Optimization

Focus Areas

Optimize flows of several autonomous vehicles in the same area to maximize efficiency, avoid and solve deadlock situations.

Learn the optimal vehicle flows over time and e.g. minimize distance travelled, predict congestion, increase flow smoothness, and create insights to domain-specific planner for improved routing.

Founders, submit your solution by October 22nd!

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Scania is a world leading provider of transport solutions. Together with our partners and customers we are driving the shift towards a sustainable transport system.

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Qasar Younis
Founder & CEO of Applied Intuition, Former COO & Partner at Y Combinator

Combient exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds. I wish every company we engaged with had set up something like this -- not only was the process direct and transparent, it was fast. Really impressive.

Mikael Cato
CDO of Scania

Together with Combient Foundry, we at Scania, are looking for the most talented and ambitious teams to build new "10x solutions" with us.

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