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2020 saw the launch of Scania’s first fully electric truck. At Scania, we see electrification as a critical element in driving the shift to a sustainable transport system, creating a world of mobility that is better for business, society and the environment

Theme description

In the future, every transport can be electric. And for a more sustainable world, many of themwill have to be. Electrification of shorter transports is already taking place and as power infrastructure improves and batteries become more efficient, lighter and cheaper, the electrified range and capability will keep extending.

Scania is in the forefront of battery electric vehicle development and we want to lead the way together with our customers. The ecosystem of electrification is constantly developing and now we look for partners and collaborators on two main topics:

  1. Battery electric vehicle (‘BEV’) operated fleets and transport assignments have different dynamics than ICE-based fleets. Thus, we need new BEV-focused transport management solutions to help our customers in planning and executing their transport missions in optimal way.
  2. Charging is the main operational difference between BEVs and ICE-powered vehicles. Through smart charging management solutions, we aim to bring tangible benefits to our BEV customers.

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