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Autoliv is the world’s largest automotive safety supplier specialized in designing and manufacturing safety systems like airbags and seatbelts for the automotive industry. In this opportunity, Autoliv focuses on inflatable curtain airbags which protect occupants from windows and doors during crashes, reducing risks of head and upper body injuries. Here, Autoliv is looking for novel, robust, flexible and cost-efficient solutions that automatically close an inflatable cushion roll using adhesive tape.

Opportunity Overview

Currently, the taping roll is manually applied around the airbag cushion and then sewn into the fixed position. With this opportunity, Autoliv is looking for automated ways, such as tape dispensing machines, of applying the tape decreasing the need of manual labor.

As a safety company, quality is a top priority for Autoliv. Here, that translates into robustness and repeatability of the automated solution. Moreover, the solution should be flexible in terms of tape measurements and quality, the dimensions and other characteristics of the object taped as well as to different production line layouts. Naturally, the solution should make a viable business case against the current manual alternative. Eventually, the solution will be integrated into the Autoliv’s existing production lines controlled by PLC units.

Your Opportunity with Autoliv

Working with Autoliv provides an opportunity to partner up with a world-leading provider of automotive protective systems and work with them on a strategically important field.

A successful solution could be applied to up to hundreds of production lines around the world, also used to assemble other kinds of airbags. Though Autoliv is ultimately interested in finding a turnkey solution, they are also open to co-development proposals by the suppliers.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in


An optional solution should be fast and flexible in terms of the tape, used object taped and the production line the operation takes place.


The solution needs to be robust, repeatable and all in all pass the strict quality recruitments of automotive safety products.


Currently the small fabric tabs are sewn onto the cushion and closed manually. Automating this should make a viable business case against the manual alternative.

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