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Validating Energy Efficiency in Bearing Arrangements with SKF

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SKF is a world leader in rolling bearings and related technologies, Our products can be found literally anywhere in society. In fact, wherever there is rotation there might be an SKF solution at work. For over a century, we have refined our expertise within the development, design and manufacturing of bearings, seals, and lubrication systems. We combine this with services within remanufacturing, condition monitoring and maintenance. We are committed to driving increasingly sustainable operations. As part of this goal, SKF is now looking for innovative solutions to measure energy consumption in bearing arrangements within customer applications. Quantifying energy consumption is considered to become a significant factor in product performance evaluation, and advanced prediction tools with agile validation methods during testing or usage will be central to meet this demand.

Opportunity Overview

SKF strives to help customers and end-users to decrease their energy consumption and thereby increase SKF’s overall contribution to energy consumption reduction. Currently, the method of proving energy consumption is bearing specific, undertaken in a bearing test rig in steady state operation. Being able to include energy efficiency data to validate the contribution of the bearing arrangement to the overall consumption will be central in supporting the customers' demands. Therefore, SKF is now looking for a plug-and-play solution that can directly or indirectly measure the energy consumption of a rotating mechanical system or sub-assembly comprising a bearing arrangement at the customer’s prototype of the application.

This solution should enable energy consumption measurement in different usage conditions, providing an integrated approach to energy consumption assessment. The proposed solution should be agile as well as seamlessly integrable into the customer’s validation processes, starting with testing in one application first before adjusting and expanding to the full range of potential industries. While supported by SKF, it should empower customer engineers as the primary users. This solution could effectively quantify SKF's overall contribution to the energy performance of customer applications, in consideration to the broader (sub-)system.

Summary of Requested Solution

The ideal solution should be plug-and-play and be able to efficiently measure the power usage of bearing arrangements through a combination of data analysis and sensors. The solution would move away from the traditional single bearing friction measurements and provide a more comprehensive and practical way to assess energy efficiency gains of bearing arrangements during the validation stage in the customer application. The solution should be able to capture trends and provide valuable insights, with the possibility of refining and improving accuracy over time.

Your Opportunity with SKF

SKF is the world's largest bearing manufacturer, and as an industry leader, their offering has outstanding potential for scaling your company’s solution globally. SKF is constantly looking for innovative solution providers who can help make their offerings even more comprehensive and efficient. By collaborating with SKF, your company can gain valuable industry knowledge, access a broad customer network, and contribute to sustainability initiatives across the industry.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Energy Consumption Monitoring Sensors

Plug-and-play sensor solutions that can be easily integrated into bearing arrangements across different applications can be the key to accurately quantifying the energy efficiency. These sensors should provide data on energy usage and power losses, enabling customers to measure the impact of SKFs solutions on their overall energy consumption.

Data Analysis Tools

Data analysis solutions that can process data from sensors and accurately detect patterns and anomalies in energy consumption will be highly valuable in drawing accurate insights. These algorithms should be able to evaluate the contribution of bearing arrangement to the overall energy consumption.

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