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Autonomous People Detection Technology for Construction Sites with Epiroc

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Epiroc is a vital part of a sustainable society and a global productivity partner for mining and infrastructure customers. As a leading provider of innovative mining equipment, technology, and services, Epiroc is dedicated to advancing the mining industry through cutting-edge solutions that enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability. In line with its safety-first approach, Epiroc is now looking for innovative people and object detection solutions to deploy in construction areas.

Opportunity Overview

Construction sites today are dynamic environments. Surface drill rigs, such as the SmartROC T35, and various other equipment, including excavators, wheel loaders, and crushers, work simultaneously to remove rock through drilling and blasting operations. Operators manage these operations from cabins or by radio remote in all weather conditions and navigate complex and unpredictable ground conditions.

However, construction sites are not only occupied by machines; they also host people and vehicles that may enter the operational area, potentially coming close to an operating drill rig. Operators occasionally face limited or blocked line-of-sight views, and high noise levels necessitate ear protection, which can hinder their ability to detect and avoid potential risks. To address these challenges and enhance safety in urban area operations, Epiroc is committed to improving situational awareness and collision avoidance, either by automatically providing warnings or automatically stopping operations. Ultimately, this initiative aims to further enhance the safety of everyone present in the construction area and progress towards increased productivity through fully autonomous operations.

The desired autonomous people and object detection technology should accurately and reliably manage the challenges of busy construction sites. This technology must navigate various obstacles, including varying terrain, large rocks, vehicles, people, mixed traffic conditions, bumpy gravel roads, unprepared ground, and exposed rock, among others. Additionally, it must operate year-round, considering environmental conditions like snow, fog, rain, dust, drill cuttings, dirt, ice, cold, warmth, high vibration, and shock exposure.

The opportunity to develop such technology not only aligns with Epiroc's commitment to safety and productivity but also addresses the unique demands of construction sites across diverse applications, including quarry operations, infrastructure projects, and road construction. The selected solution will make construction sites safer for everyone involved while enhancing operational efficiency in challenging conditions.

Summary of Requested Solution

The requested solution is a complete system to enable people and object detection and accommodate the complex and challenging construction environment, with cost efficiency in mind. The solution should address three main objectives: First, the system must reliably and accurately detect and identify people and objects, significantly enhancing situational awareness and site safety for all individuals present at the construction site. Secondly, Epiroc seeks a modular, user-friendly system that can adapt to different drilling environments and rigs, promoting scalability and cost-effectiveness. Thirdly, the solution should be designed with the potential for further improvement and evolution, eventually enabling fully autonomous drill rigs in mixed-traffic construction sites.

Your Opportunity with Epiroc

Epiroc is a pioneer in innovative mining and infrastructure solutions, providing cutting-edge equipment, tools, and services across ~150 countries. Collaborating with Epiroc on this industry-leading automated people and object detection solution offers a unique chance to position your company at the global forefront of safe technology. By joining Epiroc's mission for a safer future, your company can gain unparalleled exposure, access new markets, and become a driving force in reshaping the mining and infrastructure industries.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Advanced people and object detection technologies

Technologies capable of real-time people and object detection in construction site conditions, including challenging weather and visibility issues. Examples of technologies of interest include radar, LiDAR, sensor fusion, or computer vision solutions tailored to industrial use.

Data processing and connectivity solutions

Advanced algorithms and data processing mechanisms that transform raw data into actionable insights in real-time for the operators, enhancing situation awareness and site productivity.

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