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Water Recycling System for Sustainable Drilling with Epiroc

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Epiroc is a vital part of a sustainable society and a global productivity partner for mining and infrastructure customers. As a pioneer in innovative drilling solutions, Epiroc is dedicated to advancing sustainable practices within the drilling industry. At present, water is necessary for drilling. Recognizing the global scarcity of water resources in many drilling locations, Epiroc is determined to enhance the eco-friendliness and cost-effectiveness of its operations. To achieve this, Epiroc seeks an innovative solution that significantly reduces water consumption by recycling and treating used water directly at the drilling site.

Opportunity Overview

Each well drilled with Epiroc rigs consumes approximately 150 liters of water per minute. The water needed for the drilling operations is available on-site or transported from another location. As water is a precious commodity, often making the drilling process costly and less sustainable, Epiroc is looking for ways to reduce the total water use in their customers’ drilling operations.

By addressing the issue of excessive water usage, Epiroc envisions minimizing drilling costs and contributing to global water conservation efforts. The envisioned forward-looking solution aligns with Epiroc's strategic focus on sustainability and further positions the company as an industry leader in responsible drilling practices. The primary challenge lies in developing a compact, efficient system to capture and purify the water contaminated with drill cuttings. Additionally, reflecting the company's commitment to sustainability and operational excellence, the solution should be developed in a way that allows it to integrate seamlessly with Epiroc's existing drilling rigs, necessitating a compact, adaptable, and pragmatic design approach. The targeted solution could incorporate advanced separation and purification technologies to address the comprehensive challenge of capturing and purifying the water contaminated with drill cuttings.

Summary of Requested Solution

The requested solution is a water recycling system capable of substantially reducing water consumption during drilling operations while making sure it is environmentally sustainable. The solution should address three main objectives: First, it should be able to capture, treat, and purify the water containing drill cuttings, transforming it into a reusable resource. Secondly, it should be compact, allowing seamless integration with Epiroc's existing drilling rigs. Thirdly, the solution must be a user-friendly and cost-effective system compatible with diverse drilling environments and adaptable to different types of rigs.

Your opportunity with Epiroc

Epiroc is a pioneer in innovative mining and infrastructure solutions, providing cutting-edge equipment, tools, and services across ~150 countries. Collaborating with Epiroc on this industry-leading water recycling solution offers a unique chance to position your company at the global forefront of sustainable technology. By joining Epiroc's mission for a more environmentally conscious future, your company can gain unparalleled exposure, access new markets, and become a driving force in reshaping the mining and infrastructure industries.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Advanced separation and purification technologies

Innovative system that utilizes cutting-edge separation and purification techniques to effectively capture and remove drill cuttings from used water, ensuring its viability for reuse in subsequent drilling operations.

Modular and adaptable water recycling systems

Modular water recycling system design can be seamlessly integrated into various drilling rigs, allowing flexibility and compatibility across diverse operational scenarios.

Smart monitoring and control solutions

Incorporate smart monitoring and control mechanisms that enable real-time water quality and system performance tracking, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring optimal resource utilization.

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