Intelligent Mining by Epiroc

Epiroc wants to make their mining, infrastructure, and natural resources industry equipment self-aware and connected even in the harshest and most distant environments all around the world.

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Opportunity Overview

In the not so distant future, we see autonomous mining equipment roaming in mines and construction sites all around the globe (and maybe even further, out in space) with zero emissions.

To fulfill the vision, our machines need to be self-aware and safe, capable to order their own spare parts and service engineers, and of course be connected to each other, control centers, and back offices far away. In addition to our equipment, the mines themselves will become smarter with intelligent IoT infrastructure.

We are looking for the most innovative startups to build this new future of intelligent mining with us.

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Epiroc boomer mining comm in cave

Our Focus Cases

Epiroc’s equipment and machines are used all around the world both above and below the surface by the most demanding customers. We are determined to improve our customers’ operations and efficiency through connectivity, automation, and new, cutting-edge, smart solutions.

Modern mining equipment can have hundreds of different parts that are designed to bear extreme conditions. By analyzing various sensory data we can decrease costs and improve the safety of entire mines and life-cycle of machinery.

Monitoring and maintaining a fleet of mining equipment is not your standard spreadsheet task. In our equipment some mechanical parts live as long as the equipment is in our customer’s service, some parts are being replaced to ensure optimal performance after heavy use.

Founders, submit your solution by October 22nd!

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Epiroc is a leading productivity partner for the mining and infrastructure industries. We provide equipment, consumables, and service in more than 150 countries. We boldly drive a vision for a future of digital automation, as this will enhance productivity, energy efficiency, and safety for our customers.

Revenue (2019)
Global Employees
14 000+
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