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What are we looking for?

Atlas Copco’s Machine Vision Solutions (MVS) division is a part of Atlas Copco’s Industrial Technique business area. Within the division, ISRA VISION is a leading provider of machine vision technology. Atlas Copco ISRA VISION wants to expand their product portfolio with supplementary products and services in the cloud that can create new business value for industrial customers.

Opportunity overview

Today, the size of data streams and computing power required to process it are increasing. Machine vision applications are subject to ambivalence between edge and cloud solutions. Whereas the local possibilities are usually well-known to machine vision integrators, cloud services have the potential to increase the customer value with e.g. supplementary services using the same or neighboring data sources, to reduce the costs of ownership or to increase the overall equipment efficiency.

Desired solutions bring us new perspectives on how to use cloud computing and/or cloud services to bring radical new value to our industrial customer by helping us allocate data that is created on-site with our cloud in order to provide better real-time value for our customers. This includes but is not limited to bridging cloud and edge applications, lowering efforts needed to offer applications in the cloud, predictive maintenance or real-time image inspection for defects. Ideal solutions help us better merge, synchronize and utilize data from different sources and use it for real-time analytics such as robotics or predictive maintenance. We are open to any creative ways to bring new value with cloud computing.

Your opportunity with Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco ISRA VISION is looking for cloud offering partners who can enable radical new business value for industrial machine vision customers. We are open for creative ways to use cloud computing to bridge the gap between edge and cloud.

These offerings can be either used directly by ISRA VISION or sold with ISRA VISION to their customers, e.g. major industrial OEMs. ISRA’s installations at the customers range from single, isolated machines up to fleets with over 100 systems for several process steps or across different production lines. Ideal solutions can be scaled to a wider use in Atlas Copco’s offerings.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Cloud applications

We are interested in creative ways to bring new value to our industrial customers with cloud applications. Some examples of such applications could be e.g. predictive maintenance, image analysis robotics, sensor-fusion, customer platforms (self-service) or something radical and completely out of the box.

Data allocation

In industrial applications, data can be located on-premises or in cloud. This poses a challenge both for 1) downstream tasks such as predictive maintenance and forecasting, and; 2) real-time tasks such as robotics. We are looking for a unified approach to do data allocation between edge and cloud.

On-demand computing

Some machine vision tasks require a lot of computing power. We are looking for ways to have better access for on-demand computing or alternatively find ways to optimize machine learning models to better utilize existing hardware.

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