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Stora Enso is constantly working on sustainable and recyclable packaging options for a range of industries and applications worldwide. Now we are looking to find and co-develop a sustainable material solution for reusable food packaging, ready to start piloting in 2022 and ideally scalable within two years.

Opportunity overview

In January 2024 all restaurants serving take away food in single use packaging in Sweden must offer reusable packaging based on the EU single-use plastic directive. We want to contribute to a more sustainable use of take away food packaging and are thus looking for a sustainable, ideally renewable biobased material suitable for reusable food packaging.

The material solutions we are looking for would need to eventually fulfil food safety regulation but no previous experience from food packaging solutions is required. The material should endure cycles with industry dishwasher, be grease resistant and durable. Ideally the material would be plastic-free and recyclable.

Currently most of the reusable food packaging is made of fossil based polypropylene, glass or steel. Our ultimate solution would be renewable and meet all key requirements (e.g. food contact safe, industry washable, grease resistant, heat safe, recyclable). As the legislation will take place in two years, the solution would need to be scalable within the next few years.

Your opportunity with Stora Enso

Stora Enso is ultimately searching for a long-term service provider that strives to further developing eco-friendly and circular packaging solutions together with us. We are open for an option and have previous experience of joint development agreements to accelerate the growth of your solution if needed. We are looking to collaborate and share our industry knowledge to provide you valuable information about our manufacturing process enabling your company further opportunities within the industry.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in


The solution should be reusable in a return system as a food take away package, meaning that it should last a number of cycles with industry dishwasher before disposal and be durable.

Innovative sustainable materials

Our ultimate solution would be biobased and renewable. We want to move away from fossil based take away packaging. If you are working on innovative sustainable materials, please submit your solution.

Food contact safe

We’re looking for a solution that would eventually need to comply with the food safety standards.

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