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Husqvarna Group aims to seamlessly improve quality of life by transforming home and urban areas into greener, sustainable and smart environments. Collaboration between private and public digital ecosystems will be a key for a more sustainable world. Therefore, our objective is to jointly develop sustainable and innovative smart and autonomous green space solutions.

Theme description

Our transformation into a greener planet rests on the use of our robots, battery powered equipment and digital solutions. Husqvarna Group is on the look-out for innovative hardware, software and analytics-based solutions for the most demanding challenges in the future of green spaces.

We are convinced that openness and collaboration will help us to excel in delivering affordable solutions to these challenges. We therefor offer you our Husqvarna Robotic Research Platform, Cloud API, data sources and most importantly, our people, to be combined with your ideas and agility to create brand new customer centric solutions.

Could you help us to advance the future of sustainable green spaces? We would like to learn more about your ideas, whether you are in the ideation phase or already providing solutions for digital ecosystems and robotics.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Robots in public spaces

We are daily mowing hundred thousands lawns with our robotic solutions. What can be learned from sensors and data from the robots? Do you offer additional positioning, navigation, vision, obstacle detection and recognition sensors and data that could be combined with ours to increase customer value, sustainability and efficiency of our operations. Could your solutions improve our maintenance with anomaly detection and error prediction? Can we improve the way robots and people interact? How can we use AI to improve and optimize their behavior and operations? How can robots improve Smart city living and connecting into system-of-systems with stakeholders from municipalities, companies and citizens? Are there additional applications that could use our robotic platform as a carrier in public green spaces? Can we use the data collected in the robotic platform for data driven services, detect and eradicate weeds and/or provide green space maintenance operators with decision support?

Sensor technology in smart parks

We are looking for sensor technology or other hardware solutions you might have that will enable a broader basis for big data analytics. Spanning from sensors that measure soil conditions, air quality, water quality or the health or growth of grass and plants, it can also relate to images of green space areas by the use of drones, satellites or other sources like security cameras or images submitted by the citizens or anything else you might come up with! Utilizing newly sourced data, help us to understand essential insights and join our journey towards smarter green spaces , better sustainability, environmental awareness, as well as city planning and deployment.

Green city analytics

We want to understand the smart city through data. Taking advantages and combining different data sources around the cities, we want to intelligently observe, orient, decide and act. We are searching for ideas and solution to optimize equipment usage, predictive and preventive maintenance, optimization of labour and equipment planning but also minimize impact on the environment. The data should be easy-to-grasp for everyone who is interacting with it therefore, we are looking for solutions that will visualise what is essential using e.g. 3D, mixed reality, motion, voice etc. How about new ideas to empower green spaces and and enable new offerings in smart parks, green building maintenance, city happiness, pollution management or urban forestry etc.

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