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Utilizing Data to Create Building Experiences by KEKO

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KEKO is a consortium of 7 companies with a mission to make every building smart. We are creating an ecosystem around smart building platform with a human approach, creating new and unique experiences to add value for every building user in their everyday life. We invite the best-in-class startups to create solutions for the building users with the help of our unmatched data and industry know-how.

Theme Description

On average, we spend around 90% of our lives indoors. If we intend to solve the grand challenges of our time, from how to stop climate change to how to live healthier and happier lives, we must look inside that 90%.

Our buildings already generate more data than we know what to do with. Currently, most of that data, and expertise to take advantage of it, is in high demand. Our consortium brings together the bright minds of KONE, Nokia, YIT, Caverion, Halton, VTT and Netox to build a dynamic ecosystem around smart building platform, which will define the future of the built environment and provide a safer, more fluent and more productive experience in every building.

Now we invite the best talent to create and co-develop new building use-phase experiences for all building stakeholders, from tenant to property owners, with the help of our unmatched resources. If you work on data-driven solutions that can make buildings smarter, keep reading!

Opportunity Overview

The KEKO ecosystem companies operate at every level of the building life-cycle.

The holistic, cross-industry approach allows us to bring together domain expertise and data for example from building construction, material and people flow, energy consumption, building usage, and indoor positioning into our unique, purpose-built API. We are now looking for the best-in-class talent to utilize our unmatched resources in their value-adding building user solutions. We are interested in piloting and scaling solutions that utilize data to enhance or create new building experiences.

Below you can find examples of focus areas that we are interested in working together with you and other building stakeholders. Please bear in mind that your vision and solution must not be limited to these, but we highly appreciate innovation from business models to technologies that build the future of smart buildings.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Healthy & Safe Building Environment

As we spend 90% of our lives inside of buildings, we need to create and maintain healthy and safe building environments.

  • How can we stop the spreading of infectious diseases in commercial spaces such as offices, malls and stores?
  • Can we measure, visualize and monitor indoor air quality in addition to other variables affecting the healthiness and comfort of indoor spaces?
  • Can we interact with relevant stakeholders if there are changes in the key metrics?

Community Experience

Buildings are the physical manifestation of the communities that reside inside them and have a major impact on how communities operate and develop.

  • How can a building support fruitful collaboration instead of creating silos and gaps in collaboration?
  • How can we ensure that the building users get all building and community-related information in time and with ease?

Visitor Experience

Offices and other commercial buildings can be difficult to approach especially by visitors and first-time users.

  • How can we help visitors to find a host, colleague, or specific service at commercial buildings and make guidance easier?
  • How can we create a solution that supports smooth moving in commercial buildings, for example in co-working offices, despite an absence of personnel?

Flexible & Data-Driven Spaces

For building owners, functional and attractive office space is a pre-requisite and basis of sustainable business, whereas users look for instance for convenience, ease of use and flexibility.

  • Can we support the stakeholders’ decision making, ranging from predictions maximizing building efficiency to suggesting free spaces, with our data?
  • How can we ensure that office spaces support users’ versatile requirements and needs?
What is the KEKO Ecosystem?

KEKO brings together major players and SME's to build a dynamic ecosystem around a smart building platform.

An ecosystem for a smart building platform – there is massive potential for improving building conditions, increasing business performance, and minimizing the environmental impact of buildings.

To tap into this potential and create the global standard for smart building platforms, a new collaboration between parties is required. That’s why our ecosystem brings together the bright minds of Nokia, Kone, YIT, Caverion, Halton, VTT, and Netox.

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