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New Barrier Materials and Coating Methods with Stora Enso

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Stora Enso, a leader in renewable materials, is looking to broaden its range of coating solutions and surface treatment technologies that could be applied to our packaging. We are developing new generations of bio-based and renewable packaging solutions that enable recyclability and/or reusability of the packaging material. Therefore, we are looking into materials and technologies from other industries as well to find the most groundbreaking innovations.

Opportunity overview

At Stora Enso, we believe that everything that is made from fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow and we therefore want to push the boundaries of barrier solutions. Food packaging solutions must fulfil demanding tasks in preserving food in grocery store shelves, take-away boxes and home delivery bags. Many of these critical properties are provided by barrier materials: they control the transmission of oxygen, humidity, grease, heat and aromas to name a few. At the same time, reusability of industrial and ecommerce packaging, as well as recyclability, is increasingly important for Stora Enso, its customers and consumers. Our objective is to provide packaging materials of which at least 95% shall be recyclable at scale with the relevant recycling processes.

Stora Enso is already working towards this goal by providing a wide range of bio-based barrier materials to replace plastic. We believe that there could be synergies between Stora Enso’s current offering and other industries working on innovative materials and technologies for different coating properties.

Your opportunity with Stora Enso

We want to replace fossil-based barrier components in packaging by using innovative coating materials and state-of-the-art coating technologies. We also aim to maximize our packaging performance with minimum material usage, in which different application methods or technologies could help. Our use cases differ from flexible packaging to home delivery of greasy foods, so bear in mind that we are looking for a broad variety of solutions. You do not need to be able to provide an entire packaging solution either - we are happy to co-create sustainable packaging offerings using our existing materials and your solutions combined. Do you have something to offer in the field of food-safe, functional and sustainable packaging materials and technologies?

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Novel biomaterial-based coatings for long shelf life food packages

We are looking for high-performance (OTR < 1 and/or WVTR<1) and coating materials to provide the required barrier properties for food packaging while reducing material consumption. Such coating materials may range from mono materials to formulations and shall be applicable on fiber-based substrates.

Barriers for industrial packaging and ecommerce

We are looking for renewable materials and solutions to provide the required barrier properties for industrial and ecommerce packaging, in order to replace plastics and to allow for increased reusability.

Low coat weight barrier technologies and materials

Low coat weight ensures the recyclability of packaging, even though the barrier material itself would not be fossil-free/recyclable. We are searching for new barrier materials or technologies for existing barrier materials that provide the required barrier properties with low (<2 g/m2) coat weight.

Technology as solution – new application and coating methods

Common technologies for applying barriers on fiber based substrates are, for example, extrusion and dispersion coatings. Besides, tapping into these technologies, we are also willing to learn about other opportunities that might already exists but are not commonly used in fiber-based packaging industry. Such technologies should however be applicable on paper/board/fiber based substrates.

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