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Real-Time 3D Screening with Autoliv

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Autoliv is the world’s leading manufacturer of automotive protective systems for all major automotive OEMs. We are committed to operating our business at the highest quality and lowest cost. Currently, the 3D screening of objects and products is done with multiple technologies such as cameras, laser sensors, and other quality assurance methods. We are looking for novel solutions to 3D scan parts rapidly, accurately, and at a low cost.

Opportunity overview

Autoliv’s products protect and save people daily; hence, quality is top priority. Autoliv has several thousand screening points for parts and products at our production lines worldwide. Screening components and finished goods with traceability information are vital to reaching our zero defects targets. A successful screening process solution requires low latency, precise accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, this would improve accuracy, and reducing the latency of quality processes would also help improve operational efficiency. We are seeking innovative solutions that can increase the efficiency of 3D screening of objects while simultaneously collecting relevant data.

Your opportunity with Autoliv

Working with Autoliv provides an opportunity to partner up with a world-leading provider of automotive protective systems and work with them in a strategically important field. As we produce millions of different safety products and save close to 35,000 lives worldwide annually, this opportunity is remarkable and essential for companies to contribute to the automotive industry. Autoliv is open to collaborating and co-developing a solution of high-precision measurement solutions.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Low latency

The screening solution should be able to screen and inspect parts in three dimensions at high speed.

High accuracy

An ideal solution should have the ability to measure and capture objects with a high precision margin of 15 microns.


Screening parts accurately and quickly should be done without incurring significant costs.

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