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Fuel Cell Technologies to Power Small Work Machinery with Husqvarna Group

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Husqvarna Group is exploring how hydrogen energy technology and fuel cell solutions could serve as an alternative to fossil fuels powering power tools and small work machines.

Opportunity overview

Husqvarna offers a wide range of power tools and small work machines for the construction fields. Those machines are usually gas-powered, using diesel or petrol combustion engines for lager products (> 3kW) but for handheld products many are battery-powered, using lithium-ion battery cells. As Husqvarna Group has set a science-based target to reduce the CO2 emissions generated by their tools during use, batteries are the preferred option whenever possible. However, the energy density (gravimetric and volumetric) is not high enough for some applications as for now.

To achieve these ambitious goals, we are looking for a partner to join them in replacing fossil fuels in power tools utilizing hydrogen technology and fuel cell solutions. The ideal solution should fit Husqvarna Group tools and comply with the task and even harsh environment where the tools are needed, such as off-grid remote location in the forest or construction field. The power requirement for fuel cells is between 1 kW and 50 kW power, and you can learn more about the products and their specifications on

The more market-ready solution, the better; however, Husqvarna group is open for co-development, providing industry and R&D expertise, as well as manufacturing and distribution capabilities across the globe.

Focus Areas

Examples of solutions we’re interested in

Integrated fuel cell system

An integrated system can generate electricity to power the tools and machines directly. Such a system could provide a high energy density with low weight and volume, allowing for extended operating time and increased mobility.

Off-grid stationary fuel cell system

An off-grid charging system combines fuel cells with batteries where the fuel cell generates electricity to recharge the batteries, which would then power the tool. Such solutions would increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact while providing more reliable and consistent power output.

Hydrogen fuel cell system

Hydrogen can be a highly beneficial fuel to power a fuel cell system, which then can power the tool. Similarly, a hybrid fuel cell would increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

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