Digital Bus & Coach Building Process by Scania

Scania has been successful in providing the best busses and coaches in the industry and we pride ourselves with our product quality.

Best-in-class quality in our product journey is a strategic must-win-battle. To accomplish our objective, we need to have the best bus & coach builders, which build on top of our chassis, as well as efficiently spot and change faulty products and components before they are distributed to end-customers. Quality Assessment (QA) is the vital final step in our manufacturing process that enables us to make sure that products distributed are now and in the future the best in the industry.

To ensure our superior quality also in the future, the bus & coach building process could be improved with digital solutions. Read more below about possible focus areas!

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Scania has the world’s widest range of sustainable transport solutions. Together with our partners and customers we are driving the shift towards a sustainable transport system.

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