Startups, let’s co-create a smarter, safer construction site with KONE

Startups and entrepreneurs have shown us how passion and agility can bring new innovations to our industry much faster. This motivates us to look for innovative startups from around the world to work with our brightest minds in the co-creation of new solutions as we learn from each other.

Around the world, KONE moves more than a billion people every single day. Our elevators and escalators play a central role in enabling cities and buildings to operate efficiently, bringing safety and smooth People Flow for daily urban travelers.

Continued urbanization and rapid changes in technology, especially in Asia, create tremendous pressure to deliver and install our elevators and escalators faster and faster. Since every minute counts, this requires KONE to develop cutting-edge solutions that transform construction sites by enabling a more efficient flow of people and materials. Even more importantly, ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees, contractors, partners and customers is of the highest priority, as well as taking care that we reduce waste to a minimum. To execute this transformation, it is crucial that we identify and partner with the right companies with the right capabilities.

This is why we, together with our partners, are excited to launch our “Smart Construction” themed startup collaboration program, Combient Foundry’s Venture Client Program powered by Vertical.  

We are not just following the widespread buzz around startups – our belief is that programs like these give all involved a unique platform for co-innovation that goes beyond the typical supplier-vendor relationship and other corporate innovation programs and activities.

Our goal and expectation is to create real, tangible solutions that could impact our daily operations for years to come, across thousands of construction sites around the world.

To make this a success, we will work closely with you and your startup team to uncover the applicable solutions and coach you with the best industry experts , while ensuring alignment with real customers and providing support from our top executives.

– Visa Friström

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Sound interesting? Apply here by February 28.

Together, we can shape the construction industry of tomorrow.


Visa Friström is head of partnership development at KONE. He is responsible for building KONE’s strategic business and technology partnerships and leads the company’s collaboration with both major corporations and startup enterprises.