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Each Venture Client Cycle features pre-scoped opportunities, with committed teams from Stora Enso, for startups and scaleups to develop their tech solutions with.

Below you can find the detailed descriptions about the areas a potential solution should address. If any of the challenges look like a good fit for the solution you are offering, let us know about it at the bottom of this page or the specific challenges!

Our Business Opportunities

Ensuring Product Authenticity with Packaging by Stora Enso

Stora Enso, a leader in renewable packaging, wants to support its e-commerce and retail customers by preventing counterfeit and tampering with the help of innovative packaging solutions. Retail brands have a strong need to protect the integrity of their products, but currently lack the tools to effectively detect the tampering or counterfeit of their products. We want to offer robust and scalable smart packaging solutions that efficiently tackle the issue, and eventually ensure that our client’s products are not copied or altered while shipped inside our packaging.

Radical Supply Chain Transparency with Stora Enso

In addition to wood and fiber, Stora Enso sources other raw materials, products, and services from over 20,000 suppliers and contractors globally. We have strict sustainability requirements for all of them and we continuously build our deep knowledge of these value chains’ sustainability opportunities and challenges. We want to be pioneers in communicating this complex and fascinating supplier base to our customers as openly as possible. Could your solution help us become radically transparent in sourcing and supply chain management?

Virtual Lab for Circularity Co-Creation with Stora Enso

Many of Stora Enso’s customers have defined sustainability targets, but find it difficult to understand how improvements in packaging development, design and material choices impact achieving these targets. We want to develop a modular-based digital service connected to our business processes and assets to structure and increase the transparency of co-creation work, to create impactful value communication, and to eventually increase quality and quantity of co-creation to support customers in circular ambitions.

Past Opportunities

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