How Can Material Innovation Advance Automotive Safety? Check Out These 2 Business Opportunities with Autoliv

We seek solutions for reducing infection risks in cars and raising the sustainability of metal seatbelt components. Read about the new Autoliv opportunities and submit your solution by Feb 22nd!

Automotive safety is not just about vehicle design. The safety components that make up seatbelts, steering wheels, and other products are critical in ensuring ride safety and comfort for car passengers. 

Moreover, automotive safety can provide more than just accident protection. Surfaces inside the car can host a variety of pathogens, which cause risks for shuttle and ride sharing services. Especially with the enduring pandemic, it is critical for automotive safety leaders like Autoliv to respond and provide the best components they can.

Autoliv maintains the highest level of product quality in the industry, which has earned them a 42% market share of the global automotive safety industry. To keep up the high standard, Autoliv is looking for startups experienced in antipathogenic and high performance sustainable surfaces to advance strategically important business goals.

This year is kicking off with two business opportunities from Autoliv. Below you can find links to the full opportunity descriptions. The deadline to submit your solutions is Feb 22nd, so read on and see if you find something that matches your offering!

Antipathogenic Surfaces with Autoliv

Autoliv is the world's largest manufacturer of automotive safety equipment, and is also looking into expanding to the protective wear segment. The growing popularity of carsharing, combined with the COVID-19 pandemic, has increased demand for antipathogenic components in vehicle interiors. Moreover, there is growing demand for protective wear with antipathogenic features. As a result, Autoliv seeks new ways to make steering wheels, seat belt components and hip protector equipment antipathogenic without compromising high performance or safety requirements.

Read the full description here.

Sustainable Seatbelt Components with Autoliv

As ecological footprint rises in importance for the automotive industry, the ambition is to find alternatives to electroplated surfaces on steel safety components. A nickel-chromium layer on a seatbelt buckle, for example, has a unique wear-resistance and appearance. However, the manufacturing process requires many chemicals and is energy intensive. Additionally, today’s cars have many options to customize the interior design, but the seatbelt has always looked the same. We are looking for new types of surface treatments that offer exciting new appearance options while maintaining no-compromise performance including corrosion protection.

Read the full description here.

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