Past Opportunities 11.05.2021

How Can Your Company Work with Autoliv to Save More Lives?

Autoliv has launched new business opportunities in workflow digitization, connected safety services and apps, recycling materials, and energy consumption monitoring.

Autoliv has had a strong start in their work with Foundry. Their first opportunities were launched this January and the first partnerships will be signed in the coming weeks. Continuing their journey with determination, Autoliv’s teams have brought forth four new business opportunities for startups, all guided by their vision of Saving More Lives.

For over 65 years, Autoliv has pioneered automotive safety. They are the world’s largest supplier of automotive safety systems, and a large portion of Autoliv RD&E resources are focused on application engineering to support the development of safety products for new vehicles. With detailed plans, dedicated teams, and an abundance of resources, founders know that they have a good partner waiting for them.

Take a look at the past opportunities from Autoliv from the links below.

Workflow Digitalisation and Automation with Autoliv

We are reaching out to innovative technology companies that can help us achieve workflow digital transformation, end-to-end process mapping and financial process automation.

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Personalized Connected Safety Services with Autoliv

We are looking for any new innovative solutions to solve the intelligence and deep learning of a driver coaching bot to truly become an individual experience for any driver, irrespective of experience, culture or surrounding.

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Recycling Excess Manufacturing Materials with Autoliv

We seek new solutions to recycling and re-using excess manufacturing materials, specifically polyurethane foam and leather cut-outs.

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Real-Time Energy Consumption Monitoring &  Optimization with Autoliv

We want to identify solutions and technologies to monitor and optimize energy consumption at plant, line and machine level​, possibly across several of our product lines, to drive down energy use and associated cost. 

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