Opportunities in China 25.06.2020

Venture Client Cycle in China: 3 Startups Continue with Stora Enso and Tetra Pak

The first Combient Foundry Venture Client Cycle in China has produced three potential partnerships. We will be back for a new cycle this Fall.

The first Venture Client Cycle in China is moving forward to the first Venture Client Partnerships in China. We are proud to announce that three startups, who joined us at the Value Proposition Days in Shanghai this May, are continuing discussions with Stora Enso and Tetra Pak. Stora Enso has selected two companies to move forward with, and Tetra Pak has selected one themselves. The solutions are related to e-commerce and supply chain traceability in the food packaging industry.

As the partnerships begin to develop, the first task is to finalize the scope of the initial work together. Once the practicalities have been agreed on, the parties will move forward on their agreed-upon schedule. Most of these features had already been presented at the Value Proposition Days, along with the outline of initiating the partnership and initial plans for the scalability of the pilot. Naturally, the details of these projects are sensitive and cannot be shared with the public just yet, so stay tuned for updates later in the year.

Meanwhile, Combient Foundry will be back in China this Fall. We are in advanced talks with several Combient associated companies about launching a new series of Venture Client Opportunities specific to the Chinese domestic market. Once again, China-based startups will have the chance to propose their solutions to meet the real business needs of global industry-leading corporations. Check back here in the Fall for the newest opportunities!

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