Opportunities in China 26.01.2021

KONE Invites 12 Startups to Meet their Team in the China Venture Client Cycle

It is time for the second Value Proposition Days in China. Local KONE teams, startups, and the Foundry team in Finland will gather virtually for the final demos for two KONE opportunities.

Last November, we launched two business opportunities with KONE for China-based startups. With them, we sought the best solutions for increasing passenger safety and enabling smart building user experiences. These two were launched specifically in China due to the unique opportunities presented in the local market. 

Over 100 were considered for the two opportunities. Out of this group, eight solutions for passenger safety and four for smart building experiences were selected for further discussions at the Value Proposition Days. Just like in our last cycle, all of these meetings take place virtually. 

Once the Value Proposition Days have concluded, the final selection of startups for partnership discussions will be made. Next, KONE and their new startup partners will move on to co-creating new technology solutions, products, or services for their business needs. In our previous cycle, Stora Enso and their client Tetra Pak have moved forward with three companies they met last summer. Once the first results from these partnerships are available, we will publish them on our channels.