New Opportunities Launched in China with Autoliv and Epiroc!

We have just launched new business opportunities for startups based in China. This time, Autoliv, a global leader in automotive safety, and Epiroc, a global sustainable mining systems leader, are seeking partnerships to cocreate data collection, various safety, and leather production solutions.

Our previous engagements in China opened the doors for partnerships with Stora Enso and their client Tetra Pak, along with KONE. You can read more about these opportunities in our previous posts from 2020 spring and fall. The opportunities from Autoliv and Epiroc are open now and taking in submissions from startups based in mainland China. Read more below!

Opportunities with Autoliv

Autoliv's main business scope includes the development and research of automotive airbags, seat belts and steering wheels, and other protective systems. Their mission is to provide World Class Life-saving Solutions for Mobility and Society.

Light-Transmission Leather

As a safety component, the steering wheel can provide more application scenarios for human-computer interaction, be equipped with future technologies, and provide more innovative possibilities. Autoliv's goal is to develop translucent leather solutions and successfully apply them to steering wheels and airbag covers to help open up new opportunities for human-computer interaction and other innovative technologies.

Next Generation of Sensing

By detecting the correct wearing of the seat belt and judging the ability of safe driving (including detecting the driver's grasping the steering wheel, fatigue, drowsiness and inattention, etc.) these information as input, the passive safety system can trigger the driver's warning control to give a safe driving reminder. If the position of the head, chest, shoulders, and body of the driver and occupants can be detected, it will play a very important role in promptly activating the active seat belt and accurately triggering the ejection of the airbag. Passive safety systems require new detection systems, including systems that use radar, radio frequency, different cameras, and acceleration sensors.

Opportunities with Epiroc

Epiroc works towards a sustainable society as a global productivity partner for mining and infrastructure customers. It has pioneering technology, focuses on R&D and provides innovative and safe equipment. They also provide high-quality service and after-sales support, as well as automation, digital and electrified solutions.

Automated Detection and Data Collection of Situational Equipment Activity

At present, some of the operating data of the underground mine is still manually recorded. In order to improve production efficiency, data-based automatic recording is urgently needed. We need to find cutting-edge technology, such as a camera, or other image and visual processing technologies, to monitor the boom and propulsion beam of the trolley, so as to help customers realize the digitization of operating data and improve production efficiency. We look forward to your ability to provide solutions in this area.

Note: coal mines are not in the scope of this opportunity.

Correct Safety Equipment (PPE) Detection

It is the general trend that mine safety requirements are becoming more stringent. Some countries have begun to require mines to add safety prevention and control systems to ensure the safety of mining operations. We hope to develop a smart camera system to identify risks and issue an alarm based on the safety protection of personnel near the rig. Signal or issue a stop command directly to the drilling rig. We look forward to your ability to provide solutions in this field.

If your startup is based in mainland China and if any of these opportunities sound interesting, please submit a detailed solution description by October 29th. You can do so by emailing Kalinda on kalinda.xie@combient.com or via WeChat: kalinda0424. If your solution meets the needs of the decision makers of the two companies, we will invite you to meet them face-to-face in Shanghai on December 9th and 10th.

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