Spring 2019 venture client cycle 20.05.2019

The First Foundry Cycle of 2019 has Ended!

Combient Foundry’s first 2019 cycle of the year has advanced to the final phase. This week we are facilitating meetings with dozens of top startups in Stockholm to finalize their value proposals and help the Combient companies pick their partners for the pilot projects.

Here’s what the first Foundry Cycle of the year brought in:

Together, Combient Foundry and the Venture Client Companies deployed 10 cases for startups to submit solutions to

Combient Foundry received 363 solution submissions from 150 startups during the application period

Startups from around the world, 22 different countries to be specific, sent in their solutions

The top country for this cycle was the United States (45 startups). Finland came in second (30), and Sweden third (18), with Germany (12) and the UK (9) close behind

Startups participants furthest away from the Nordics sent their solutions all the way from Asia (8 startups) and Australia (2)

Didn’t get selected for the Foundry Cycle this time? Or maybe you realize you would have had the perfect case for any of the Combient companies? Well, let us know! Submit your startup’s information here, and we will be in touch when and if we find something for you. Or alternatively, wait around for the next Venture Client Cycle to begin. We’ll let you know when the time for that comes.