Past Opportunities 30.01.2020

A New Year, A New Venture Client Cycle – Founders: Check Out These 8 Partnership Opportunities

The first Venture Client Cycle of the year has been launched. For this cycle, we have 8 opportunities waiting, with KONE, Scania, and Stora Enso.

Opportunities by Stora Enso

Stora Enso is continuing their search for the best-in-class startups to partner with their teams in packaging solutions, packaging materials, and the HEAL initiative. Bear in mind, none of the opportunities is limited to specific solutions; the most unique and outstanding ones will be the best to grab our attention.

1. AI in Design

Stora Enso Packaging Solutions wants to make packaging design and selection as easy as possible for their clients. Rapidly growing eCommerce is driving the demand for producers to offer packaging solutions for every imaginable purpose. Does your team have a solution that can help to design, customize and choose the best packaging? If yes, we want to know more! Read more about the opportunity here.

2. Digital Toolbox for Wood Building Industry

Stora Enso’s and Trä Group’s joint initiative HEAL is looking for digital tools to aid in wood buildings. Wood is being used as the primary material even in large buildings, like Stora Enso’s new HQ in Helsinki. HEAL’s main objective is to re-think the entire wood-building value chain, i.e. we are examining the entire building value chain from design to reuse. Got a potential digital solution that can help along the way? Check out the full opportunity here.

3. Production Waste Measurement

The second case from Stora Enso Packaging Solutions focuses on measuring production waste from their plant in Lahti, Finland. The solutions being sought are automatic waste tracking; more specifically, how the plant can move from monthly to daily metrics for waste creation. The solutions could potentially be integrated into our existing resource planning and visualization systems after a successful proof of concept. Interested? See the details for the opportunity here

4. Recycled Material Flow Purity

Together with Stora Enso, we are dedicated to making sure no material goes to waste in their material flow. To achieve this, we are looking for solutions that enable the transition to a circular bioeconomy. For fiber-based materials, this is all about ensuring the purity of the material flow. Maybe you have something suitable for proliferating renewable materials around the world? Read more about the opportunity here.

KONE API Partner Ecosystem

KONE is a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry and has worked with Foundry since 2018. In the first opportunity for the year, we want to take KONE’s People Flow experience to the next level by efficiently integrating external solutions with KONE’s APIs. There are no limits here – if you have a novel solution that makes our customers business more valuable and it can be scaled to a global installed base of elevators and escalators, we want to talk more. By working together, we can be a significant player in smart building ecosystems. Read more about the opportunity here.

New Venture Client Opportunities by Scania

Scania, now a full-fledged Foundry company, has returned for their second Venture Client cycle with three opportunities. In the midst of the transformation from a classic vehicle manufacturer to a supplier of sustainable transport systems, Scania is seeking autonomous vehicle and intelligent management system solutions to drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system.

1. Autonomous Fleet Vehicle Flow Optimization

Scania is interested in operating autonomous vehicle fleets in complex sites, such as quarries, harbors, and industrial areas where as many as 100 autonomous vehicles are in operation at once. In order to optimize these fleets, we are looking for solutions to optimize flows of autonomous vehicles for maximum efficiency. Moreover, machine learning solutions are relevant for producing long-term data to benefit optimization. If these examples or any relevant tech is what you’ve got, check out the full opportunity here

2. Green Plug-and-Play Fleet Orchestrator for Operations 24/7 

To succeed in fleet management, the fleet operators need a plug-and-play fleet orchestrator that monitors, creates and updates the operational plan. An operational plan consists of the transport flows and/or assignments scheduled in time and allocated to the autonomous vehicles in the fleet. To succeed, a solution would not only enable 24/7 operation but also real-time planning. Got something to throw into the mix? Read more about the opportunity here

3. Remote Assessment in Autonomous Transportation Solutions

Our vision is to have a complete solution for autonomous vehicles and transport systems, where remote operators can monitor and interact with the autonomous system. To achieve this, remote operators need an assessment of the vehicles. We believe focusing on UI and data streams, to deliver visual and other data to the operators, and intelligent perceptions, to identify which vehicles and situations need the operators’ attention at a given moment, is the key to success here. Is there anything your team can offer? See the full opportunity here

These opportunities are no longer open. See the ongoing Venture Client Opportunities on our Opportunities page.