Past Opportunities 06.05.2020

New Venture Client Cycle is Live! See the 3 New Business Opportunities for Startups

A new batch of Venture Client Opportunities has been launched! We have two new business opportunities from Epiroc and from KEKO, a consortium made up of KONE and 6 other companies.

Foundry just wrapped up the first cycle of 2020 last week. We will return to how the first every virtual value proposition days went, but before that, we have fresh new business opportunities to introduce to startup teams and founders. This cycle’s opportunities are heavy on data. Both Epiroc and KONE, along with the KEKO companies, have an abundance of end-user data they would like to put to work for building experiences, mining equipment connectivity, and data-flow itself. Check out the opportunity descriptions below. 

Augmented Support by Epiroc

After a brief break in working with us, we are proud to welcome Epiroc to this Venture Client Cycle! This time as a full-fledged Foundry member. Their first opportunity for the summer is their support organization, responsible for installing and maintaining Epiroc mining equipment.

In order to co-create a smart and safe future for the mining industry, Epiroc is looking to develop the connectivity, digitalization, interoperability, automation, and zero-emission technologies that can improve their offering. The end-goal is to turn specific mining sites faster, more autonomous, and safer for all personnel. Check out more info here

Data Gathering by Epiroc

Epiroc’s second opportunity is for solutions to enable seamless data flow from machines. The catch? It needs to be done without fixed connectivity infrastructure. Ideal solutions should be robust, intelligent, easy-to-setup, and reliably transmit data from an underground mine. The aim is to have a 24/7 connectivity between the machinery, equipment, and outside world. Got something that could help us? Check out the full description here!

Utilizing Data to Create Building Experiences by KEKO

The third opportunity of the cycle has been put forth by a new Foundry participant: the KEKO consortium. KEKO consists of KONE and 6 other companies. Their goal is to turn all buildings into smart buildings. Together, we are inviting the best in class startups to create building user solutions, with our data and unmatched know-how, to create new experiences that add value for everyone in everyday life.

It’s a broad palette definitely. Our areas of interest, healthy and safe environments, community and visitor experiences, and data-driven spaces, will help you start narrowing down your solution. However, as always, the Venture Client Cases are always open-ended enough to encourage creative solutions. Check out the opportunity in full here

Submit your Solution by June 7th! 

This year has been all about rolling out new features. One of these is the new website and the companies page. You can find full profiles of Epiroc and KONE, with themes listed of their general interests. In other words, if these opportunities are not quite in your ballpark, you can check out the list for reference and send your idea in any way!

In June, our team will evaluate the submissions with the companies, and let you know if they would like to invite you to the first round of discussions. The Foundry team is here for you with any questions. You have our contact info in the footer of this page.

Got an idea of what could work for one of the opportunities? Take a look and submit your solution here!