Past Opportunities 22.09.2020

Check Out Our 3 New Business Opportunities with Stora Enso and KEKO

In 2020, we launched the traditional fall cycle at the end of September, to follow our first summer-time venture client cycle. Since then, Combient Foundry has featured three main cycles in a year. Read more about the past opportunities with Stora Enso and KEKO below.

Innovative Food Packaging with Stora Enso

One third of the food produced globally is lost between production and consumption. Stora Enso, a leader in renewable packaging, is looking for innovative material providers to help fight that issue together with advanced renewable and recyclable food packaging solutions, which would sufficiently preserve their contents, but also enable recyclability or reusability of the packaging materials. Read more here.

Utilizing Construction Data by KEKO

KEKO is a consortium of 7 companies with a mission to make all buildings smart. Their platform approach addresses every phase of the building life cycle and now it’s time to dive deeper into utilizing construction time data during and after building construction. If your ambitious team or company with a novel solution could benefit from KEKO companies’ building data and know-how, we invite you to work with us. Read more here.

New Wood Products with Stora Enso

Today, we can already build higher, stronger and lighter buildings than ever before with a raw material that keeps growing back – wood. As a leading provider of wooden construction elements, Stora Enso seeks to explore and capture new ways of using their wood products, components and remnant production material to meet the needs of a constantly growing wood construction industry. Read more here.