What’s in Store for Foundry this Fall?

Fall 2021 has three major events coming up for Foundry. Read about them here.

It’s fall once again and we hope you have had a great summer. We are well into August and preparing the remainder of 2021 for opportunities for startups to sign new partnerships with our member companies. 

As you might know, the shared goal with us and our companies is nothing short of driving the transformation of industries and businesses. Our business opportunities are created to speed up development of business critical areas, such as renewable materials and energy, autonomous and electrified vehicles, sustainability and customer interface by teaming up with the best startup and scaleup companies around the world.

Our horizon is full of interesting new developments for this and next year but here are a few things to keep in mind for this fall.

New opportunities for startups

Over the past months, we have developed business opportunities that our companies look to solve this fall. These will become open opportunities in our Global Venture Client Cycle for startups to address in early September. While we are still ironing out the final details, you can expect the opportunities to cover many fields, including but not limited to packaging materials, sharing and rental economy, material innovation in production, and heavy equipment installation.

What makes these interesting? Following our principles, we’ve made sure with our companies that the opportunities are the real deal. That means there’s a clear need, a team behind each opportunity, with bandwidth, resources and the willingness to proceed with you once a mutually beneficial value proposition has been identified.

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Opportunities for China-based startups

We also have entirely unique opportunities for startup companies operating in China. Earlier this year, we concluded our second Venture Client Cycle in China, where we focused on passenger safety solutions and smart building environments. This fall we will continue to solve business needs related to the Chinese market with a range of opportunities, to be launched in about a month. 

These opportunities will be announced on our China website in due course. Once again, a way to stay updated is through our LinkedIn and our newsletter.

Career opportunities for students

Are you on the final stretch of your university education? Do you want a spot to learn more at the intersection of global household brands and fastest growing startups? This fall we are opening part-time opportunities to the brightest minds and entrepreneurial-driven folks as we launch the Foundry Internship Application period for early 2022 in the coming weeks. If you are interested in what it’s like to work at Foundry, have a look at a few posts from our team members here and here.

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