Past opportunities 02.09.2021

New Business Opportunities with Autoliv – Founders, What are Your Solutions for Autonomous Material Movement or Fabric Orientation Inspection?

Autoliv, a global leader in automotive safety, seeks solutions for autonomous material movement and fabric orientation inspection. If your startup works with technology that could fit, read more and submit your solution by Oct 11.

Autoliv has been part of Foundry for almost a year. During that time, we have taken full advantage of Autoliv know-how and their unique market position, to bring startups the most valuable opportunities an industry leader has to offer. In this cycle, startups have the chance to partner up in particularly interesting areas, as they involve Autoliv’s outstanding production processes.

To assure high quality and maintain proprietary production technologies, Autoliv’s production lines and equipment are often developed and manufactured by Autoliv itself. For some customers, they have established final assembly centers inside or close to customers’ manufacturing plants. These centers receive orders almost every minute, and the final product is delivered within two to five hours.

Through the Autoliv Production System (APS), the entire company works according to a philosophy of continuous improvement. In addition to enhanced RD&E effectiveness, Autoliv's production system enables the pursuit of a broad agenda of continuous improvement activities across all functions including sales, operations, supply chain and support functions.

For the new Foundry cycle, we seek solutions in logistics for production sites and machine vision or visual inspection for fabric production lines. Read the full descriptions from the links below and be sure to submit your solutions by October 11th.

Autonomous Robotic Logistics Solution

As a crucial component to the airbag product line, we manufacture an airbag gas generant that is a low explosive. The gas generant is manufactured at our facility in Promontory (UT), USA, which consists of 85 buildings and 13.5 km of road. Our goal is to find innovative autonomous logistics- and robotics solutions that could help us move chemicals with 30% less total labor in- and between buildings at the facility.

Fabric Warp and Weft Orientation

In airbags, fabric utilization is one of the predominant cost drivers and production is using high efficient software that defines how to best position the multiple fabric components to be cut from a roll of fabric. Fabric do not have exactly similar properties in longitudinal (warp) and transversal (weft) directions. To comply with our customer’s specifications and our quality standards, the warp and weft orientation of the fabric inside the cut subcomponents require control. For this, we seek a machine vision solution to help in the production.

These opportunities are no longer accepting submissions.