Husqvarna Group’s circular innovation challenge – Does Your Offering Match One of the 3 Opportunities?

Husqvarna Group seeks startups with expertise on in-field battery equipment charging, sharing and rental models, and circular solutions throughout the whole value chain. You have until Oct 11th to submit your solutions!

In 2020, Husqvarna Group launched the next phase of Sustainovate, their strategic approach to Sustainability. The Sustainovate targets for 2025 define how Husqvarna Group will reduce emissions, accelerate circularity and inspire sustainable decisions.

Combient Foundry is proud to join work with Husqvarna Group in enabling sustainability in their industry. Our work together especially concerns the circular innovations target: by 2025, Husqvarna Group aims to launch 50 new circular product and service innovations.

This opportunity is part of Husqvarna Group’s Sustainovate Open challenge, where the aim is to make products and services even more resource-smart and efficient with the help of the start-up community. The winner of each Sustainovate Open challenge will receive a 300,000 SEK maximum pilot budget for developing a Proof of Concept in close collaboration with Husqvarna Group, with the objective to scale the solution and bring it to a global market. Husqvarna Group comprises three divisions in their separate fields:

  • Husqvarna division is a leader in forest and garden products; its popular products include professional chainsaws and robotic lawn mowers. And there’s a strong market for handheld products like chainsaws and trimmers.

  • Construction division is a global leader in machinery and diamond tools for professionals in the construction and stone industries. 

  • Gardena division is home to some of the world’s most popular gardening products – designed with passionate gardeners and proud homeowners in mind.

Each division has brought forth one new business opportunity for startups to scale their offering on Husqvarna Group’s markets. These opportunities range from technological solutions to business models and inspecting entire value chains. Read more about each opportunity from the links below, and if you find a match with your company’s offering, submit your solution by October 11th!

In-field Charging of Battery Equipment

Husqvarna Construction division have a strategic initiative regarding providing sustainable solutions including both the use of battery-powered products as well as sustainable ways of charging batteries. Our customers are today suffering from an insufficient and unstable supply of electricity on construction worksites, which can lead to usage of alternative charging solutions, including the use of non-renewable energy sources. We are therefore looking for solutions to further explore sustainable ways of charging multiple batteries on both urban and remote construction worksites.

Sharing & Rental Business Models for Battery Products in the Emerging Markets

As a global leader in outdoor power equipment, the Husqvarna division, are looking for solutions to help us accelerate the transition from petrol to battery powered products in the Emerging Markets. Specifically, we are interested in solutions for sharing economy business models, equipment rental platforms and other go-to-market channels for our battery powered outdoor equipment that will enable us to build up quickly and drive efficient customer-focused execution in either Asia or Sub-Saharan Africa.

Circularity Throughout Gardening Systems

We at the Gardena division are taking steps towards more circular operations alongside our solution portfolio, product utilization and organization. Now we seek for partners to together rethink circularity throughout the whole value chain – design processes, sourcing and production processes as well as materials and end-of-life management of and for our products.

These opportunities are no longer accepting submissions.