Past opportunities 06.09.2021

What Can Your Company and Scania Develop in Autonomous Intralogistics, Data-Driven Transport, or Repair Management?

Startups have the opportunity to partner with Scania, a global sustainable transport solutions leader, in three different fields. Read more here and submit your solution by Oct 11th.

To create world class sustainable transport solutions, Scania deploys a broad toolkit to accomplish this. In the new Foundry cycle, we have launched three new opportunities concerning different areas of importance for Scania’s strategic goals. Here you can read more about each area and which opportunity they are related to.

Scania’s experimental technology labs, better known as Smart Labs, explore how emerging technologies can enhance production, engineering and collaboration processes. Combining Scania’s core strengths with new ways of working, Smart Labs rapidly develop the ideas and technologies to shape tomorrow’s transport system. In this cycle, Smart Labs is pursuing intelligent fleet management for autonomous intralogistics solutions, compatible with multiple brands and vehicle types.

Scania’s data-driven services are another area in focus with the new Foundry cycle, through the Data-Driven Transport Optimization Solution opportunity. Every Scania vehicle is full of smart technology, advanced sensors and wireless connectivity. Hundreds of thousands of these constantly connected vehicles and engines are in use all over the world today – providing data that doesn’t only improve our engineering, but allows the creation of data-driven services which provide clients with direct business value.

We already got to know LOTS Group in the previous Foundry cycle. This time, their teams are seeking repair and maintenance management solutions with new startup partners. In their day-to-day business, LOTS Group works with heavy industry globally. They own their vehicles, comprised of multiple different brands, with their drivers and staff, and implement digital tools and management systems to work in parallel with clients. In their five years of operation, they have grown their fleet to 200+ managed trucks and transport 10+ million tons of goods per year.

You can read more about each opportunity from the links below. Got any ideas how your company’s offering could help further develop better solutions to scale on global markets? Submit your solution by October 11th and you’ll take your first step to signing a new partner!

Open Fleet Management for Autonomous Intralogistics

At Scania, we see a growing need to connect and manage indoor robots of different brands and types from a single system to optimise indoor material movement and flow of warehouse logistics. Therefore, we are looking for intelligent fleet management solutions that can control indoor robots, such as AGVs, AMRs and forklifts from different brands, and optimise the overall efficiency of material movement inside our production facilities.

Data-Driven Transport Optimization Solution

Shippers and carriers see tremendous potential to further optimize and automate their transports and improve the efficiency of their supply chains through combining vehicle position data from heavy vehicle data and telematics systems with the availability of integration and mediation platforms. By enriching Scania’s vehicle data in innovative ways and by securing interoperability within the supply chain, we can drive the transformation of transport-related data services and introduce new service capabilities to Scania’s customers.

Repair and Maintenance Management with LOTS Group

In LOTS Operations, we have different types of equipment and brands applied depending on the industry and application. Our vehicles must be well maintained to ensure uptime and efficiency; hence, we need a professional Repair & Maintenance (R&M) management  solution supporting multiple brands and vehicle types.

These opportunities are no longer accepting submissions.