Past opportunities 02.09.2021

Sustainable Caps and Closures or Cross Laminated Timber: Stora Enso Opportunities for Startups with Sustainability at their Core

Stora Enso, a world leader in sustainable materials, seeks startup partners for two new business opportunities. If your offering covers sustainable caps and closures for beverage or tube packaging or software for cross laminated timber production optimization, read on.

Stora Enso has joined the final Foundry cycle of 2021 with two highly important business opportunities. As a renewable materials industry leader, they seek partnerships with startups to enable the advancement of the circular bioeconomy for all parties. The topics of this cycle’s opportunities could not be more fitting for that. This time around, we seek solutions for sustainable closures of fiber-based packaging and optimising the production processes of cross laminated timber (CLT).

Let’s look at beverage packaging first: Did you know that in 2019, every second beverage carton in the EU was recycled? With similar trends increasing, Stora Enso is exploring investments to boost the recyclability of used liquid packaging and tubes. Part of these efforts include renewable-material-based packaging.

Today, every third liquid carton in the world is made from Stora Enso carton board. However, caps, shoulders and closures are still widely produced with fossil-based materials, decreasing the recyclability and sustainability of the full packaging. Helping us figure out the next pieces of the puzzle, with sustainable caps and closures, can take your and Stora Enso’s offerings to new heights.

CLT on the other hand, is used more and more in construction. It is a strong but lightweight material, with superior acoustic, fire, seismic, and thermal performance. CLT is currently being used in place of concrete, masonry and steel in the construction of commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Making it more available in construction would bring numerous sustainability benefits.

To get the most out of CLT, we now seek solutions to optimize its production at Stora Enso. The parameters we are looking to optimise are waste, price and the manual work required for the production planning. Founders, got any ideas for these topics? Read the full descriptions from the links below and submit your solution by October 11th!

Sustainable Caps and Closures

Are you working on materials or packaging solutions for beverage packaging caps and closures to make Stora Enso’s liquid packaging even more eco friendly? We would like to hear of your solutions in recyclable packaging!

Automated Panel Manufacturing Optimisation

We seek solutions to optimize our production processes for cross laminated timber. Software for process automation and manufacturing optimization is key here. Get in touch with us if your offering might be a fit.

These opportunities are no longer accepting submissions.