Past opportunities 02.09.2021

Check Out Our 12 New Business Opportunities

Combient Foundry, together with Autoliv, Husqvarna Group, KONE, Scania, and Stora Enso, has launched new business opportunities for startups in areas including autonomous robotic logistics, intralogistics, production optimization, predictive maintenance, and battery equipment charging.

It’s time for a new Foundry cycle! Today we are proud to launch entirely new business opportunities, which are open for startups to submit their solutions to. With 12 in total from 5 companies, there is something for everyone here.

These opportunities are all a chance for your company to sign a partnership with a global, industry leading client. The journey starts with reading the opportunity descriptions from the links below. When you find one that fits your offering, fill in the submission form and wait for our response. If we find an initial match, we will be in touch and begin the discussions with your potential new partner. 

Autoliv Opportunities

Autoliv is the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems. With sales to all major car manufacturers, Autoliv employs more than 68,000 associates around the world and saves >30,000 lives a year. We are guided by our vision of Saving More Lives, underpinned by our commitment for innovation and agile organisation. Check out the new Autoliv opportunities below.

Autonomous Robotic Logistics Solution

As a crucial component to the airbag product line, we manufacture an airbag gas generant that is a low explosive. The gas generant is manufactured at our facility in Promontory (UT), USA, which consists of 85 buildings and 13.5 km of road. Our goal is to find innovative autonomous logistics- and robotics solutions that could help us move chemicals with 30% less total labor in- and between buildings at the facility.

Fabric Warp and Weft Orientation

In airbags, fabric utilization is one of the predominant cost drivers and production is using high efficient software that defines how to best position the multiple fabric components to be cut from a roll of fabric. Fabric do not have exactly similar properties in longitudinal (warp) and transversal (weft) directions. To comply with our customer’s specifications and our quality standards, the warp and weft orientation of the fabric inside the cut subcomponents require control. For this, we seek a machine vision solution to help in the production.

Husqvarna Group opportunities

At Husqvarna Group, we have a sharp focus on finding sustainable solutions that are fit for the future. We are proud of our pioneering spirit and driven by our vision to shape great experiences through our products and innovative solutions for forest, park and garden care as well as for the construction business. We are the world’s largest outdoor robotics company with more than two million sold robotic lawn mowers. This cycle features one opportunity from each of Husqvarna Group’s divisions – check them out below.

In-field Charging of Battery Equipment

Husqvarna Construction division have a strategic initiative regarding providing sustainable solutions including both the use of battery-powered products as well as sustainable ways of charging batteries. Our customers are today suffering from an insufficient and unstable supply of electricity on construction worksites, which can lead to usage of alternative charging solutions, including the use of non-renewable energy sources. We are therefore looking for solutions to further explore sustainable ways of charging multiple batteries on both urban and remote construction worksites.

Sharing & Rental Business Models for Battery Products in the Emerging Markets

As a global leader in outdoor power equipment, the Husqvarna division, are looking for solutions to help us accelerate the transition from petrol to battery powered products in the Emerging Markets. Specifically, we are interested in solutions for sharing economy business models, equipment rental platforms and other go-to-market channels for our battery powered outdoor equipment that will enable us to build up quickly and drive efficient customer-focused execution in either Asia or Sub-Saharan Africa.

Circularity Throughout Gardening Systems

We at the Gardena division are taking steps towards more circular operations alongside our solution portfolio, product utilization and organization. Now we seek for partners to together rethink circularity throughout the whole value chain – design processes, sourcing and production processes as well as materials and end-of-life management of and for our products.

KONE opportunities

At KONE, our mission is to improve the flow of urban life. As a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, KONE provides elevators, escalators and automatic building doors, as well as solutions for maintenance and modernization to add value to buildings throughout their life cycle. This fall, we present two business opportunities for startups – read more here.

Sensing Technologies for Predictive Elevator Maintenance

We are looking for advanced sensors, materials, and actuators to enhance longer and safe operation without unexpected downtimes or reduce maintenance needs and visits within normal operation of elevator systems.

Smarter Elevator Installation

We constantly strive to realize improvements in the efficiency and quality of the elevator installation process. Digitalization is one of the trends in the industry, and it  is moving swiftly to help construction sites and developments inside  the elevator shaft. Therefore, we are looking for a wireless referencing system, which would be able to locate components in an elevator shaft to high levels of precision.

Scania opportunities

Scania is a world leading provider of transport solutions with 50,000 employees in about 100 countries. Together with our partners and customers we are driving the shift towards a sustainable transport system. In this cycle, they have three new opportunities, one including their subsidiary LOTS Group. Read them all here.

Open Fleet Management for Autonomous Intralogistics

At Scania, we see a growing need to connect and manage indoor robots of different brands and types from a single system to optimise indoor material movement and flow of warehouse logistics. Therefore, we are looking for intelligent fleet management solutions that can control indoor robots, such as AGVs, AMRs and forklifts from different brands, and optimise the overall efficiency of material movement inside our production facilities.

Data-Driven Transport Optimization Solution

Shippers and carriers see tremendous potential to further optimize and automate their transports and improve the efficiency of their supply chains through combining vehicle position data from heavy vehicle data and telematics systems with the availability of integration and mediation platforms. By enriching Scania’s vehicle data in innovative ways and by securing interoperability within the supply chain, we can drive the transformation of transport-related data services and introduce new service capabilities to Scania’s customers

Repair and Maintenance Management with LOTS Group

In LOTS Operations, we have different types of equipment and brands applied depending on the industry and application. Our vehicles must be well maintained to ensure uptime and efficiency; hence, we need a professional Repair & Maintenance (R&M) management  solution supporting multiple brands and vehicle types.

Stora Enso opportunities

Stora Enso is a renewable materials industry leader. They approach sustainability with both material innovation and novel digital tools. This cycle features one opportunity for each approach - check them out!

Sustainable Caps and Closures

Are you working on materials or packaging solutions for beverage packaging caps and closures to make Stora Enso’s liquid packaging even more eco friendly? We would like to hear of your solutions in recyclable packaging!

Automated Panel Manufacturing Optimisation

We seek solutions to optimize our production processes for cross laminated timber. Software for process automation and manufacturing optimization is key here. Get in touch with us if your offering might be a fit.

These opportunities are no longer accepting submissions.