Fall 2022 Cycle 06.09.2022

New Startup Business Opportunities available with Atlas Copco, Autoliv, Husqvarna Group, KONE, Scania, and Stora Enso

It’s time for the last venture client cycle of 2022! We’re proud to launch 11 opportunities with Atlas Copco, Autoliv, Husqvarna Group, KONE, Scania, and Stora Enso. Founders: check them out and submit your solutions by October 11th.

Always end the year with a bang, right? This certainly is a loud one – never before have we launched a cycle with six Foundry companies. This means that the spread of topics is broader than ever before. Just to name a few areas, companies with expertise in automated systems, AI and machine learning, material innovation, and virtual reality are sure to find something to their liking in this spread. 

It doesn’t take much to jump on board - our submission form guides you through quite intuitively. However, if you want some tips, read our quick guide about what to focus on. The deadline for submissions is October 11th – if you have any questions before that, feel free to hit us up on foundry@combient.com. Someone from our team will get back to you in short order. 

Read all the full opportunity descriptions below:

Industrial Tool Identification with Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco’s Industrial Assembly Solutions is a division within the Industrial Technique business area. Their service organization has over 2,000 technicians and many of our 1M+ tools are being sent to workshops outside our customers’ premises. The division’s Data Driven Services team is now looking for solutions to make their tool identification and management more connected, efficient and transparent.

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Real-time Visual Quality Control with Desoutter

Desoutter, part of Atlas Copco Group, designs, manufactures and sells innovative solutions - both tools and software - for assembly and process control in the motor vehicle, aerospace, and general industry markets. As a global leader in these markets, they wish to expand their portfolio with additional measurement equipment and in-line control software for visual quality control.

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Improving Driver Wellbeing with Autoliv

Autoliv seatbelts and steering wheels are unique safety products due to their continuous and direct contact with the passengers throughout their journey. We are now looking for novel solutions that could improve driver wellbeing. To achieve this, we want to co-develop, for example, new surface treatments, webbing features, or other material innovation and smart solutions that meet our high requirements for safety and performance.

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Volatile Organic Compound Testing with Autoliv

All Autoliv vehicle interior materials are subject to various emissions tests, and we are looking for faster and more efficient ways to test the Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions of airbags. However, the turnaround time of third party testers can be up to five weeks. This significantly slows down the screening phase of the airbag material development cycle. Our goal is to develop a faster in-house test method to complement the existing test process.

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Green Space Index for Residentials with Husqvarna Group

We seek partners that can help us achieve this goal with relevant content and services building on the Husqvarna Group HUGSI concept. There is a great potential for passionate gardeners to understand, measure and compare their garden “green-ness” with neighbors and the close environment/area.

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Measuring Sustainable Behavioral Change with Husqvarna Group

By 2025, Husqvarna Group wants is to empower 5 million customers and colleagues to make sustainable choices. We are looking for partners that can help us create a more sustainability-focused customer interaction.

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People Flow Sensing Solutions with KONE

To help serve people in urban spaces even better, we want to co-develop smart sensor solutions that can increase KONE customers’ understanding of how people use and move in smart buildings. Additionally, these solutions could help automate buildings further through the intelligent optimization of equipment such as elevators, based on smarter people flow monitoring and prediction.

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Autonomous Transport Systems with Scania

We want to partner up with leading solution providers that are working on new ways of handling autonomous vehicles outside the vehicle itself, covering how vehicle fleets are operated and controlled. Furthermore, we seek to form a clear picture of what the supporting ecosystem, including physical infrastructure will look like.

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Virtual Workflow Training with Scania

We seek an easier way to convey and repeat the training for the workforce, without the need for international travel. Our vision is to have a virtual training platform that enables workflow simulation with unlimited training attempts in a safe virtual reality classroom.

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Rethinking Forest Management Planning with Stora Enso

The forest management plan is at the core of responsible forestry, as decisions made today will have lasting impact. Stora Enso wants to provide state of the art forest management services and become the leading partner for the new generation of the forest owners.

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Forest Biodiversity Monitoring with Stora Enso

To reach our sustainability targets, we are looking for solutions that can digitally and remotely monitor biodiversity and the impact of our actions at scale. We are looking for a digital solution that can remotely collect and analyze science based data streams for forest, species and habitat levels at scale.

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Spot something right off the bat? Head on to the submission form here and drop us your idea for how we could work together!