Fall 2023 Cycle 15.09.2023

New Business Opportunities from 9 Foundry Companies Have Been Launched!

For the first time, all Foundry companies have launched business opportunities all at once! We are featuring 10 Venture Client Business Opportunities alongside an all-new Generative AI for Industry cycle, where we seek the most cutting-edge GenAI solutions to build new industrial applications.

This Fall’s Foundry Cycle packs a punch. Never before have we had the privilege of featuring so many companies, opportunities, or themes all in one go. We’re beyond excited to see what is in store, so without further ado, check out the opportunities below! Remember to check each opportunity for their final submission dates!

Generative AI for Industry by Combient Foundry

Generative AI founders have an exclusive chance to grow their businesses with new industrial reference clients, as all Foundry Companies have published opportunities related to the field. All of them are looking for your perfect tech solutions to codevelop for one or more of the 40+ business opportunities.

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Automated tape dispensing with Autoliv

Autoliv is the world’s largest automotive safety supplier specializing in designing and manufacturing safety systems like airbags and seatbelts for the automotive industry. In this opportunity, Autoliv focuses on inflatable curtain airbags which protect occupants from windows and doors during crashes, reducing risks of head and upper body injuries. Here, Autoliv is looking for novel, robust, flexible, and cost-efficient solutions that automatically close an inflatable cushion roll using adhesive tape.

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Autonomous People Detection Technology for Construction Sites with Epiroc

As a leading provider of innovative mining equipment, technology, and services, Epiroc is dedicated to advancing the mining industry through cutting-edge solutions that enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability. In line with its safety-first approach, Epiroc is now looking for innovative people and object detection solutions to deploy in construction areas.

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Orebody Knowledge for Sustainable Mining with Epiroc

Epiroc seeks a novel solution to harness real-time rock data. This data-driven approach aims to optimize mining operations, minimize waste rock handling, and achieve more environmentally friendly and resource-efficient mining practices.

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Water Recycling System for Sustainable Drilling with Epiroc

As a pioneer in innovative drilling solutions, Epiroc is dedicated to advancing sustainable practices within the drilling industry. At present, water is necessary for drilling. Recognizing the global scarcity of water resources in many drilling locations, Epiroc is determined to enhance the eco-friendliness and cost-effectiveness of its operations. To achieve this, Epiroc seeks an innovative solution that significantly reduces water consumption by recycling and treating used water directly at the drilling site.

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Alternative Piping Systems with Munters

Munters is on the lookout for novel or existing materials that can serve as substitutes for copper piping in low-pressure refrigeration systems for data center cooling, to keep up with evolving industry needs.

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Machine Learning for Aerodynamics with Scania

Scania, a world-leading provider of sustainable transport solutions, is looking for solutions to speed up the prediction and optimization of vehicle aerodynamic drag while handling large amounts of data. If you can provide proposals on new vehicle designs while quickly processing a large number of alternatives, we would like to hear from you.

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Validating Energy Efficiency in Bearing Arrangements with SKF

SKF is a world leader in rolling bearings and related technologies, Our products can be found literally anywhere in society. In fact, wherever there is rotation there might be an SKF solution at work. For over a century, we have refined our expertise within the development, design and manufacturing of bearings, seals, and lubrication systems. We combine this with services within remanufacturing, condition monitoring and maintenance. We are committed to driving increasingly sustainable operations. As part of this goal, SKF is now looking for innovative solutions to measure energy consumption in bearing arrangements within customer applications. Quantifying energy consumption is considered to become a significant factor in product performance evaluation, and advanced prediction tools with agile validation methods during testing or usage will be central to meet this demand.

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Bearing Unit with Wireless Power Transfer with SKF

SKF is seeking a solution to address the drawbacks associated with current methods of transmitting electrical energy to the rotating shaft of Separately/Externally Excited Synchronous Motors, used in electric vehicles. The current technology using carbon brushes faces reliability issues and speed limitations in oil-cooled machines, which represents one of the trending developments of the EV market.

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High-frequency Edge Data Acquisition for Machine Learning with SKF

SKF is constantly looking to effectivize and digitalize manufacturing processes. As part of this goal, SKF is now looking for innovative solutions to support in gathering data from machine tools for machine learning purposes, specifically focusing on the need for a high sampling rate to obtain a sufficient depth of data.

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Generative AI for Customized Design with Stora Enso

Stora Enso, a leader in renewable packaging, is looking for Generative AI solutions to streamline the process of creating new designs and optimizing them for production, transport, and specific use cases. Their vision is to provide sustainable, affordable, and customized 3D-printed designs for their clients with shorter lead times.

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