Past Opportunities 26.08.2019

Freshbar: Developing Customer-Centric Solutions for Snacking Retail

Freshbar is a first-of-a-kind Venture Client Opportunity. Two Combient companies have joined forces to find solutions for their unique challenges. Fazer, a modern sustainable food company, is looking for fresh snacking solutions to be used with Stora Enso, a renewable materials company, packaging solutions.

You’ve been there before. Important day at work and you need to be at your best. Luckily, your walk through your office block is loaded with alternatives to postpone your hunger and boost your energy. But how do you know which ones are stocked with healthy choices for your taste? And no matter where you go, you are probably faced with queues and lost time. To address this stress, Fazer and Stora Enso have embarked on a joint Venture Client Opportunity. The mission is to create Freshbar – a completely new way of purchasing fresh snacks, complete with remote solutions for purchasing, supply chain solutions for fresh produce, and of course the healthiest possible snacks to satisfy hunger during the busy day.

The two Combient companies taking on this challenge are quite different indeed. Fazer is best known as a modern sustainable food company involved in snacks, drinks, confectionery, and bakery goods that have won over Nordic hearts for over 100 years. Stora Enso provides intelligent packaging solutions for unmanned store spaces. As part of this, Stora Enso’s ambition is to optimize the supply chain, to enable fast and sustainable logistics.

As working together is what Combient Foundry is all about, we have an ambitious goal of finding entirely new synergies not just between startups and the corporations, but between the corporations too. Both Fazer and Stora Enso are taking the leap to further development of the ways how to engage with their customers, through loyalty programs enabled via a potential mutual platform. Also, both have a vested interest in ensuring food preservation via packaging solutions to minimize food waste. There is also great potential to leverage Freshbar’s capacity in delivering a great purchasing experience for the customers, for example via smart counters.

What Freshbar needs is your solutions to address any one of these areas. Are you developing infrastructure to ensure great product logistics? Do you have an idea about how technology can be utilized in creating a modern, efficient supply chain? Do you have ideas on how to make purchasing experience faster, personalized and customer-friendly? What can you offer us in regards to materials or even the food products themselves? We have set the stage for a broad display of how we can transform snacking retail for the better. And we want you to be the main actor in this story.

This opportunity is no longer open. See the ongoing Venture Client Opportunities on our Opportunities page.