Foundry Internship: What Were Your Highlights, Niko Peltola?

Combient Foundry is seeking new interns to join the team in 2022. Niko Peltola is one of our most recent interns, who shares his experience as a team member in this post.

Combient Foundry is once again seeking new interns to join our team in 2022. For about half a year, students have the opportunity to be part of creating a full Venture Client Cycle with at least one of our member companies. It does not matter what your background is: this is an internship for students with a proactive problem-solving mindset, a sense of ownership, and optimistic attitude. In this post, we have the chance to hear from Niko Peltola, one of our most recent interns to be part of the team. 

Foundry’s approach for bringing together industry leaders to work on mutually important goals drew Niko to apply for the internship. Mixing this environment with input from top industry startups sealed the deal for him.

“I found that the work at Foundry is driven by concrete results and impact. I felt that the team has the right approach in harnessing the best aspects of the startup ecosystem,” says Niko.

Starting in his new position, Niko found his pace quickly. He took on the tasks of creating and running new business opportunities with the Foundry companies, and applied his previous experiences to develop Foundry internal operations and processes further. He was given as much responsibility and ownership of his own tasks as he wanted to take.

“At any new job, the first weeks provide a steep learning curve. However, I felt that I easily found my own place with the help of my supportive colleagues,” he explains.

Looking back at his best experiences in the Foundry team, Niko once again sees the results of his work as a source of pride. The focus on sustainability is another point which has made him feel the meaningfulness of the internship - pushing for change and creating lasting impact is the best takeaway from the job on his mind.

“The best moments have certainly been seeing the impact of our work on our partners,” he explains. “For example, it was super rewarding to work in the field of material innovation and hear direct feedback from experienced engineering and business people how our work has enabled them to cut years of internal development.” 

On his last day, Niko feels accomplished and happy, and ofcourse a little sad for the journey coming to an end. Yet he’s certain his time at Foundry will prove useful in his future endeavors. 

“I’m very happy for the great experience and making a bunch of new friends from the team.,” he says. “The learnings, both personal and professional, will surely be valuable in my future adventures.”

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