Generative AI 13.09.2023

Introducing the Generative AI Foundry Cycle – What’s to be Expected?

Arttu Närhi

Arttu Närhi

This Fall, Combient Foundry is embarking on an ambitious endeavor to find new applications for generative AI in industry. Our first-of-a-kind Generative AI Foundry Cycle will be launched to find the next great GenAI solutions to benefit entire industries.

We have been busy preparing a range of opportunities for the best-in-class generative AI solution providers to co-develop their offerings with the Foundry member companies. While we gather the last ones and polish everything up, we’d like to introduce the overall flow for this Fall’s venture client extravaganza. 

If you don’t know about us yet or if you have been part of previous Foundry cycles, read on! Because we are doing things a little differently this time:

1. Check out the focus areas and send us your proposal

Later this week, we will announce the participating industry-leading companies and publish their generative AI use case examples. There will be quite a few, so check out the list and see if one or several match your offering (product or technology). 

Our submission form asks for your company’s basic information and a description of your offering. It also has a field for your proposal on what generative AI solution you want to develop. This last part is the most critical information we are looking for. You should indicate which of our focus areas you are most interested in, but we will screen your proposal against all the examples by default.

The deadline for sending your proposal is October 14th, but evaluations will start as the first ones are received.

2. Wait to hear back from us

Starting in October, we will screen the solutions with stakeholders from our member companies. Helping us out will also be seasoned AI experts to ensure we understand the most intricate nuances of your proposals.

If your submission looks to be aligned with our interests and we need more information, we will email you in case of any open questions. These can range from asking about further details on your solution or technology, solution roadmaps or scalability, more info about your clients or references, or commercial side such as business models. 

We will also let you know latest by November if we are not interested in your offering at this time. However, this is not a total loss: if your offering becomes relevant to our companies in the future, we will be sure to get back to you later! 

3. If all goes well, get invited to meet the Foundry companies in late November

The Generative AI Foundry Cycle culminates in the Industrial Generative AI Summit held on November 28th and 29th in Stockholm, Sweden. Dozens of startups from around the world will be invited here to meet the stakeholders from the Foundry companies and hammer out a detailed value proposition for their potential generative AI development project. This is also an opportunity to meet with executives and stakeholders from many other companies all at once!

So, if your offering matches our needs, you will receive an invitation by early November to join us in good time to prepare for your journey! If your company is selected to start a project, the details will be agreed upon during and after the meetings in Stockholm. 

So, to recap, all that’s needed from you to take part in this process is the following:

  • Send us your high-level proposal of what you want to develop with us

  • Answer any potential follow-up questions

  • If you are selected, make travel arrangements to join us in Stockholm

We are eager to hear from you! Our mission is to support you in signing a new client and helping further develop your solution (and keep its ownership, of course!). What our member companies get out of this is your highly specific industry expertise in exchange for their resources and market access. So don’t delay: Once we publish our case examples, get in touch immediately!

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