Past Opportunities 10.05.2021

Next Level Customer Interaction and Service Offering with Husqvarna Group

Husqvarna Group seeks to co-develop solutions in customer interaction and zero-administration service offering, all with sustainability in mind.

You might recognize Husqvarna Group as the company that brings quality gardening and forestry equipment to the market. Another familiar fact might be their focus on sustainability in consumer products. On top of these, the company has an innovation record that is off the charts - the innovations attributed to Husqvarna Group include but are not limited to the world’s first solar powered lawn mower and vibration free chainsaw.

In the group’s strategy, sustainability is at the core. The Husqvarna Group Digital Business Exploration team is hard at work turning mechanical into digital. Where their internal R&D excels at solving challenges of their industry, the help of startup partners helps find entirely new perspectives and accelerate progress to help grasp these opportunities with an outsider point of view. 

In this cycle, the focus is to help  make Husqvarna Group customers the most satisfied in the field. Solutions that foster sustainability aspects will have an advantage, as sustainability is an integral part of all operations and shape great experiences when people use Husqvarna Group products and services or interact with their teams. 

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Next level customer interaction

On a daily basis, Husqvarna Group engages in digital touchpoints with thousands of our professional and consumer customers. We are now searching for new technologies and solutions that will take our customer interaction to the next level by enabling customer self-service and education. These customer interaction solutions can be based on smartphones, smart tags attached to our equipment, or other scalable technologies. What do you have to offer in this space?

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Enable new service offerings with zero administration

In the future, Husqvarna Group aims to offer related services, many times delivered through a network of contributing partners. Delivering modular advanced services with a distributed approach at scale is a complex set up. To make it work, the right enabling tools are needed, and platforms that allow control and management of all aspects without adding administration. The team is especially interested in solutions to enable last-mile service delivery, smart contracts, and service order management. We would like to hear from your offering in these areas!

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