Fall 2018 venture client cycle 27.09.2018

Wood Material Innovation for Everyday Living with Stora Enso

Have you ever thought what a tree can do? How wood material solutions can shape the future buildings and make living healthier, safer and more affordable? Together with startups, Stora Enso is looking for new customer-driven solutions to address impacting trends of digitalization and health consciousness throughout the whole life cycle of buildings.

To get more insights, we interviewed Julia Ahvenainen, future-oriented industry specialist from Business Development and Innovation Department at Stora Enso, and asked for her views on the future of the industry.

In your opinion, what are the ongoing trends in the industry?

At first, the industry is looking for more comprehensive solutions to address two ongoing trends – digitalization and health consciousness. Traditionally, we have affected the efforts towards Healthy, Safe and Affordable Living by providing wooden construction materials. But we can add more value to our customers, by pre-solving future challenges already in the planning phase. We are looking for the most innovative solutions to collect and process building information data, further supporting what we believe in – Healthy, Safe and Affordable Living.

What does it mean in practice?

Digitalization, more particularly sensor technologies and data algorithms, are relatively new when it comes to wood products. For reference, there are moisture sensors used to gather information from concrete materials but not from wood, even if there are plenty of parameters to be analysed. There is huge potential and interest in analysing in details the structural strength of wooden structure throughout the whole life cycle of the building, and the correlation with the humidity and/or moisture of wood. Imagine that we are able to plan effective preventive maintenance before any bigger problems occur. Data-analytics and algorithms provide us with insights on how building parameters compound to habitants’ health, and we are looking to find out and address those root-causes.

Why should startups cooperate with Stora Enso?

We want to create business together and find a common path towards Healthy, Safe and Affordable Living, no matter whether it connects our operations to new areas of science or bring something previously unseen. At Stora Enso, we do believe in the circular economy and want to find solutions that do good for people and the planet, not forgetting the replacement of fossil-based materials with renewable solutions. Many people might not know how highly automated our processes from planning to production already are, and how much data we are already processing. We want to share our resources and open our distribution channels to bring a new valuable solution to the market. Join us to together reshape the future of wood building industry!

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