Combient Foundry x Kiuas 29.04.2021

Is your Company Ready for Corporate Partnerships? Take a Look at the Foundry x Kiuas Checklist

Arttu Närhi

Arttu Närhi

We have teamed up with Kiuas to bring you the best of our shared knowledge in helping startups succeed in corporate partnerships.

Over the past years, startups and corporations have sought each other more to form meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships. It's not just something we at Foundry have noticed: the venture client approach has been increasingly noted as a viable method of startup-corporate engagement.

Speaking of great partnerships, Combient Foundry has teamed up with the best startup accelerator program of the Nordics, Kiuas. Our discussions have uncovered that more and more founders are seeking clients and partners from the corporate sector. Furthermore, both of us want to see startups scoring breakthrough deals and with large clients that is just all the more likely.

There are plenty of opportunities with large industrial companies for early stage founders too. Many corporations are also fixing up their internal processes for friendlier startup collaboration, with their partners’ needs in mind. How we aim to help is by sharing best practises and tangible insights on how startups can work with large industrial companies in the mutually beneficial way possible.

So how exactly will us working together help founders in getting new global clients? Our organizations have a lot of data on what makes a successful client bid and what is the starting point of a successful partnership. To lay out our first thesis on this, we launched a check-list for founders and their teams to evaluate their initial readiness to engage with a potential corporate client. Head on over to and check it out

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