Hydraulic Elevator Modernization for Sustainability: KONE Seeks Startup Partners

Working with sustainable hydraulics? KONE is looking for potential new cost-effective hydraulic solutions that can bring a remarkable reduction of energy and power consumption.

Most elevators you see in residential buildings, offices, and shopping centers are electric traction rope hoisted units. It’s the typical design today, as it offers speed, ride comfort, and sustainability, compared to the alternatives. However, every so often when you use an elevator in an older building, it might be a hydraulic elevator. Hydraulic elevators were a popular elevator type in the 20th century for low-rise buildings.  

While there are many advantages to hydraulic elevators, the main disadvantage comes from a lack of sustainability. KONE is seeking partners to increase the use of sustainable materials, and to limit the use of hazardous substances.

KONE has set objectives to be the leader in sustainability – in their industry and beyond. Especially for green buildings, KONE offers 23 elevator models with A class ISO 25745 highest energy efficiency rating, and with modernizations can offer up to 70% energy savings in elevator operation. Working with KONE offers startups a great opportunity to advance their own sustainability goals by co creating sound new solutions that are up to international standards.

KONE invites all innovative players with an interest in hydraulic systems to join us in co-creating new elevator solutions. Read more about the opportunity and submit your solution by Feb 22nd!