Fall 2018 venture client cycle 26.09.2018

Co-Create People Flow Solutions with KONE

This fall, KONE is inviting startups to look at business opportunities that focus on improving People Flow solutions through the whole life cycle of a building. If you are building something unique using robotics, sensor technologies, data analytics, augmented reality or virtual reality, we want to hear from you.

Every day, KONE plays a crucial role in people flow, helping to move a billion people each day. As a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, KONE is focused on helping its customers to improve their businesses with services and solutions that best enable potentially thousands of individuals to move around quickly, efficiently and safely in their daily lives.

After working together in projects with Kaltiot and Sixgill last spring, this autumn, KONE is looking for new ways to improve People Flow throughout the full life cycle of smarter buildings. KONE is considering four areas for startups to demonstrate how KONE’s customers can benefit from emerging technologies and operate more efficiently and user-friendly in a rapidly urbanized environment.

Starting with the construction, the first phase of a buildings’ life cycle, the industry is eager to become smarter, safer and more productive. During the construction phase, elevator components are subject to a heavy workload. To mitigate risks, KONE is looking for solutions for monitoring asset utilization in the construction field and adjusting maintenance efforts according to the need.

Following the trend of rapid urbanization, building surroundings and living environments are becoming continuously smarter and more connected, which has an impact on people and material flows. As buildings get taller, material flows become more complicated, calling for new solutions for optimization. KONE is looking for new ways to use automated logistics that combine robotics with elevator technologies in various kind of buildings. Additionally, KONE provides their Cloud APIs for you, to build new services for tenants and property management companies around the world.

As more connected environments mean increasing data flows, KONE already possesses a vast amount of untapped historical data to learn from, and possibilities to collect new kind of data. What can we learn when the data is combined with insights from other sources? KONE is looking for a wide range of new services or solutions that can improve different aspects of urban life.

The final area is where effective maintenance services are crucial for smooth people flow. Based on historical data, KONE wants to better assess performance in this area. From the technicians’ point of view, the work is in many cases conducted in a harsh environment where easier and safer work processes are needed. Additionally, KONE technicians operate in over 60 countries which means an easy-to-access reporting structure with maintenance insights from all over the world.

This opportunity is no longer open. See the ongoing Venture Client Opportunities on our Opportunities page.