Past Opportunities 26.08.2019

Low Emission Mobility: Improve KONE’s Maintenance Fleet with your Solutions

One of KONE Corporation’s key objectives is greater sustainability through resource efficiency. Their service operations in over 60 countries employ over 20,000 skilled maintenance professionals. Mobility and how they travel is a large part of their daily work, with KONE’s fleet comprising of 16,900 vehicles last year. Can your solution help KONE achieve their objectives for resource efficiency with low emission mobility?

Today, more than 4 billion people live in urban areas. By 2050, some estimates show this figure will be 7 billion. That’s the equivalent of 1 billion people moving to cities each decade. More movement within cities means efficient People Flow becomes even more critical for sustainable and safe environments. 

Mobility in all its forms has, for a long time now, often been the target of “carrot and stick” policies which are aimed at encouraging sustainable behavior – policies that affect citizens and corporations alike. These policies are changing, albeit slowly and KONE aims to be ahead of the curve, by aligning its key objectives to become an industry sustainability leader. As part of bringing greater efficiency to their operations, KONE’s maintenance operations fleet is gearing up for an upgrade.

The Best Mobility Solution May Be the Simplest

The automotive and transportation industries are in the middle of a massive shift. Fully electric-powered vehicles are becoming mainstream on city streets, autonomous vehicles are being tested by all major players in the field, and existing technology is being complemented by novel solutions to improve them. 

The best-known mobility solutions showcase fantastic examples of technological innovation. These examples have changed the face of urban mobility for good. With KONE, what we are looking for are the next solutions that will change the face of corporate maintenance fleets for the better. Allow us to share a few examples:

Advanced Route Planning and Optimization

Upgrading the maintenance fleet begins with fine-tuning existing operations, including spare-part logistics. Does your company offer solutions for predicting congestion or using data to point out routes to avoid? We believe these advanced data solutions will minimize the travel by maintenance workers, ultimately reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

Alternative Mobility Solutions

This should be a familiar concept to everyone: the maintenance fleet is looking to reduce the number of combustion engines in their fleet. However, replacing a combustion-powered van with an electric one does not solve congestion problems for example. Do you have a groundbreaking alternative, sustainable mobility solution suitable for heavy-traffic urban areas? 

Digital Mobility Services

Mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) solutions leveraging mobility services, APIs, and data sources are becoming an ever greater part of urban transportation and People Flow. We are certain that there are many out there that can help KONE maintenance operations. Is yours one of them?

Bear in mind our search is not restricted to these alone. We are interested in the solution that can transform how KONE’s maintenance fleet operates. And to do that, we are prepared for surprises.

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