Past Opportunities 08.10.2020

What Materials and Business Models are Best for New Concepts of Circular Packaging?

Stora Enso is seeking Innovative Food Packaging solutions in the ongoing Venture Client Cycle. One of the focus areas is New Concepts for Circular Packaging, examples of which are detailed in this post.

Single-use packaging is in high demand today. Food delivery is especially dependent on these items. However, current solutions in wide-spread use depend on plastics. Stora Enso wants to fight the environmental impact of these by finding solutions for reusable, recyclable, or compostable delivery packaging. On top of this, the solutions need to answer other challenges for food delivery. For example, containing oily foods that need to remain hot until delivered should be addressed, and if the containers are carried in baskets or courier bags, they should be stable by themselves too. To get more into these requirements, here are two angles to this area we are most interested in.  

Reusable, Recyclable, or Compostable Packaging Concepts

Stora Enso develops renewable materials that are increasingly used for food delivery and the food industry in general. These materials are highly adaptable, and would be applicable to a packaging concept designed for food deliveries. However, we see there is an opportunity to innovate in this area further so that the consumer could decrease the environmental footprint of the packaging after finishing their meal. Think of packaging that could be recycled on the go, or used at home for something else.

Stora Enso is also on the lookout for entirely new sustainable packaging concepts. If your packaging innovation is one that they can introduce to their home delivery customers we would love to hear from you. 

Business-to-Consumer Reuse Business Model for Renewable Packaging

A solution can also be an entire business model already operating in the home delivery industry between consumers and restaurants. After all, if working circular models are provided, end users would most likely contribute to the reusability of packaging. If you have a solution for packaging that could serve its purpose several times, and a business model to support the process, please let us know more about your company.   

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