The Foundry Team 25.02.2021

Niko Peltola: “At Foundry, I have the chance to work on high-level topics and hands-on cases”

Arttu Närhi

Arttu Närhi

Niko Peltola joined Foundry in January 2021. Read about his first weeks on the job here.

Niko is a Master’s student at Aalto University, majoring in Finance. Bringing his expertise into Foundry’s business development, he looks forward to the learning opportunities of being immersed in the fast-paced startup field.

“Foundry has a clear mission,” Niko says, when asked what made him seek an internship in the team. “Here I have the opportunity to work simultaneously on high-level strategic topics and hands-on practical cases.” 

Before joining Foundry, Niko had worked as a research assistant at Aalto University. Before that, he was a visiting associate at Boston Consulting Group and a data analyst trainee at ABB. Highly appropriate experience, which is why his main responsibility lies with the global leader in automotive safety, Autoliv. 

Niko is passionate about business development and is seeking to learn more about utilizing data and analytical tools, streamlining processes and organizational learning. To him, Foundry offers a one-of-a-kind chance to be part of revolutionizing how corporations tackle big innovation and disruption challenges. 

“I’m a big believer in encouraging cross-firm and cross-industry collaboration,” he says. “In Foundry, this idea is used very practically to break the barriers between corporations and start-ups, which has the ability to create concrete impact and value very fast.”

Niko is only a few months into the new job and has taken control of his tasks firmly. His approach has been clear from the beginning: 

“You need to get a grasp on the big picture: what are we trying to accomplish and what are the key milestones in between?” he says. “It is no use trying to start running before knowing which direction the goal is.”