Spring 2018 venture client cycle 19.02.2018

People Flow Ecosystem: KONE Wants your Solution to Help Move People More Smoothly

KONE is one of the companies who has worked with Combient Foundry since early 2018. Over the past year, the company has deployed and scaled successful pilots with startups like Savioke. The KONE People Flow Ecosystem offers great potential for you to develop your solution and help KONE’s customers.

People Flow, in KONE’s words, is everything about the way people move smoothly and safely in and between buildings. If you take a moment to imagine what your daily walk to, within, and from your workplace includes, you can probably spot a lot of doors, staircases, open spaces, corridors, and so on, that all contribute to your pedestrian experience. KONE’s mission is to improve the flow of urban life and has a strong role to play in making your journey as smooth as possible, especially as it is a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry.

KONE uses cutting edge technologies to enhance the user experience for their products and their customers. The company’s solutions are not limited to how their elevators and escalators operate, but also the spaces surrounding them as well as the services needed to maintain and repair. With a long history of innovation, KONE is no stranger to finding new value in the most surprising places. They want to hear solutions for any and all aspects of the People Flow Ecosystem. This is not just an opportunity to scale a solution in record time, but the perfect chance to potentially redefine a defining feature of public spaces.

Consider for example, how autonomous cleaning robots could create new uses for elevators and escalators that are not being outside of working hours. Or how other building support systems? Or security and access, or services and maintenance?

What’s really in it for developing your company’s technology? That would be the scale of the data from KONE and the scope and needs of their customers. Any real-world solution needs real-world data to be validated, tested, and scaled. So this is not only an opportunity to apply your solution to KONE’s existing infrastructure, but potential to create something entirely new together with the hardware, software, and data. Exactly, for this reason, the Open Call is for any and all applicable areas here. Now is the time to let your imagination go!

Many employ the mantra “don’t fix it if it ain’t broken”. We don’t believe in this. Combient Foundry and KONE want to make the excellent even better. And that’s the only limit we are setting for your solution.

This opportunity is no longer open. See our active opportunities here.